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Thanksgiving Table Decor to Try This Holiday

Have you thought about how you’re going to decorate your table this Thanksgiving? Here are 5 great Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas for you to try!

Once the halloween decorations are down, it’s time to plan for Thanksgiving. After that, it’s Christmas decorations and the many things to do during Christmas, but that’s for another post. Let’s focus on Thanksgiving and how you’re going to decorate the table to go with your beautiful spread of food.

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Here we’ve listed a few of our favorite designs, browse through them for inspiration.

1. Personalized Mini Pumpkins.

Thanksgiving table decor like mini pumpkins are creative and cute.

Mini Pumpkins make great Thanksgiving table decor and name holders.

Go to a nearby farmer’s market this month for an unlimited supply of pumpkins, mini-pumpkins, gourds, and more. Use them as place settings for your guests with their names decorated straight on the pumpkin, or with a note-card. It’s thoughtful, well-designed, and just looks so good next to food. Check out the how to blog here.

2. Fall florals.

Mini pumpkins and Bright florals make a beautiful Thanksgiving table spread.

Thanksgiving table decor using pretty mini pumpkins, and bright florals.

Flowers are a quick and easy way to transform anything. Opt for orange and yellows, with berries or mini fruits/vegetables to create an eye-catching design. Of course re-use those mini pumpkins and layer them around the table for bright splashes of color. Check out homeyohmy does it to recreate your own ethereal Thanksgiving Table.

3. Beautiful area rug


Persian Serapi Rug with light blues and reds perfect for Thanksgiving.

Shop this rug

Don’t forget under the table! Rugs are important in holding a room together, but even more important is their design and how they can complement your Thanksgiving table. You can go either neutral or all out. Let the eye rest on a Bessarabian Kilim Rug that offers neutral abstract calming patterns, or blow your guests away upon first entrance with an intricately designed Floral Rug. Colors like a bold blue, will pair beautifully with the orange and browns on the table. Opt for something with texture so your guests can feel it under their feet. Don’t forget, design isn’t just for the eyes!

See more rugs here.

4. Feather and Corks

Feather in a cork DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Stick a feather into a cork with some ribbon and you’ve got a quick and easy Thanksgiving table decor.

Use this ingenious DIY hack by CarolynShomework to create pretty little feather stands. Use them as name cards or just place them around the table for a quirky accent to your table. Your guests can even take them home after as little memoirs and gifts.

5. Antique turkey plates

Antique Turkey Plates for Thanksgiving

Antique Turkey Plates add a beautiful dimension to your table.

Use antique plates like the one pictured above for a great traditional touch to your dinner. Antiques look good with anything, so don’t be afraid to mix and match when you use these plates. Gold accents catch your eye, and food instantly tastes better when eaten off beautiful plates.

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