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Meaning of Colors In Persian Rugs

The Meaning and Significance Of Different Colors In Persian Rugs View and Search Rugs by Color | View All Antique Persian Rugs Meaning of Colors In Persian Rugs – The luxurious and intricate, Persian rugs capture the detailed history and artistry of some of the world’s most ancient and influential culture. Created in the present day […]

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Middle East Rugs

Learning About The Middle East And Middle Eastern Rugs Before we delve into the specific topic of Middle East rugs, lets first take a moment to understand what the Middle East is and is not. The Makeup Of The Middle East Located in Western Asia, the Middle East is what many consider to be a […]

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Retro Rugs and Decor

Vintage Taste with Modern Decor: Choosing the Perfect Retro Rugs Retro rugs— Choosing the perfect retro rug for your home is not as hard as it may sound. By using the right decor elements, you can give your home the perfect blend of quality and style. As I have experienced, it can be very challenging to choose […]

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Area Rugs For Grey Couch Decor

Decorating With Rugs That Work With A Grey Sofa Decorating with a gray sofa is a classic accessory for any room. The practicality of a neutral grey color sofa combines versatility and elegance, but it can also carry the unwanted risk of becoming too bland and even boring over time. This is where finding the […]

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Choosing Dining Room Rugs

How to Pick the Rug for Your Dining Room Dining Room Rugs – When starting a home decor project, a good place to begin is the dining room and finding the perfect dinging room rug. You want a piece that will tie the entire dining room together. A rug that will act as a spring board […]

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Picking Living Room Rugs

Shopping For Living Room Rugs Living Room Rugs – In the living room, the right area rug can make the space inviting. But when decorating with rugs for the living room, some questions should be considered before picking that perfect rug for the room. Choosing Rugs Based On How The Living Room Used Lifestyle should […]