Antique Carpets Reminiscient of Rococo Paintings

Three Antique Carpets from the Nazmiyal collection reminiscent of highlights from The Morgan Library’s latest exhibition, Treasures from the National Museum of Sweden. The following are three exquisite antique carpets from Nazmiyal’s collection inspired by three highlights from The Morgan Library’s latest exhibition of Rococo works, up through May 14th, 2017. The subtle pairings of palette […]

Vintage “Musicos Con Mascaras” Pablo Picasso Carpet 48496 at Nazmiyal

“Musicos Con Mascaras” by Pablo Picasso, Now at Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Acquires “Musicos Con Mascaras” Carpet by Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso — Probably the single most important artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso transformed the face of modern art with his bold experiments in cubism, collage, constructed sculpture and a variety of other styles, several of which he is credited with inventing or co-inventing. A painter, […]

Coclé artist. Plaque with Crocodile Deity, circa 700–900. Sitio Conte, Coclé Province, Panama. Nazmiyal.

Exhibition Spotlight: “Life, Death and Transformation” Native American Art at the Brooklyn Museum

Native American Art at the Brooklyn Museum Native American Art — Native Americans have created and continue to create artwork for many reasons, taking many different forms. This is evident from the collection of paintings, carvings, masks, textiles, potteries and other works of art on display at the “Life, Death and Transformation” Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, which highlights pieces made by […]

Persian Art

Persian Art: Farmanfarmaian Holds Solo Exhibition in NYC

Persian Art Exhibit in NYC “I was a pretty Persian rug, an exotic find, so people invited me to things”  – Farmanfarmaian on her popularity in post-war American artists’ circles. Persian Art Exhibit at Guggenheim Museum — Persian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian, now over 90 years old, is celebrating a milestone in her life and artistic career: […]

Vintage Art Deco Kandinsky

Nazmiyal Celebrates Wasily Kandinsky’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr. Kandinsky! The Nazmiyal Collection wishes to highlight the birthday of Wasily Kandinsky, lauded Russian abstract artist of the 20th century. To celebrate the late artists’ 148th birthday, we’ve featured the Kandinsky rugs and textiles in our collection. For more design inspiration, be sure to visit our Kandinsky Pinterest board! Wasily Kandinsky was born […]