Spring 2015 Design Trends by Nazmiyal

The Best 2015 Design Trends for Spring, And The Rugs To Match

Spring Design Trends — It appears that the worst of winter is finally behind us, and we couldn’t be happier to embrace Spring! Take your Spring Cleaning one step further by freshening up your home with on-trend accessories this season. The biggest designers in the business have spoken, and we’ve distilled their predictions into the top five design trends for Spring 2015.

From bold to subtle, we’re sure at least one of these interior trends will speak to you, and Nazmiyal’s extensive inventory of antique rugs and vintage carpets has on-trend rugs for every taste. Want even more inspiration? Visit our Spring 2015 Trend Pinterest board by clicking here.

1. Deep Cobalt Blue Interior Design

Cobalt Blue Design | Nazmiyal

Deep Cobalt blue is a classic, but also feels very contemporary this Spring. It’s a great accent color that can make neutrals like white and grey really pop, but it can also hold its own against brighter colors like emerald and magenta. Below, we’ve assembled a collection of our favorite cobalt blue antique rugs and vintage carpets:

Antique Chinese Rug 46820
Antique Chinese Rug 46820

Vintage Swedish Deco Rug 46604
Vintage Swedish Deco Rug 46604

Vintage Indian Agra Cotton Rug 48300
Vintage Indian Agra Rug 48300

Antique Blue Chinese Carpet 47385
Antique Chinese Carpet 47385

Beautiful Antique Chinese Rug 47224
Chinese Rug 47224

2. Earthy Sandstone Interior Design

Earthy Sandstone Design | Nazmiyal

Between grey and brown, earthy sandstone is the most popular and most sophisticated neutral this Spring. Rich taupes and warm, buttery browns elevate interior spaces with subtle elegance. The depth of the color keeps it elegant instead of boring. Click below to view several of our favorite sandstone rugs:

Antique Tabriz Persian Rug 43392
Antique Tabriz Persian Rug 43392

Vintage Swedish Kilim by Ingegerd Silow 46207
Vintage Swedish Kilim 46207

Antique Persian Kerman Rug 42415
Beautiful Antique Persian Kerman Carpet 42415

Vintage Scandinavian Rug 47000
Vintage Scandinavian Rug 47000

Antique Kerman Persian Rug 3273
Antique  Persian Rug 3273

3. Graphic Pops Interior Design

Graphic Pop Design | NazmiyalContemporary designers have been drawing inspiration from the mid-20th century for several seasons, and this Spring, that trend takes on a pop-art twist. Look for bold, primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, accented with graphic pops of black and white. This look is clean, fun, and energizing! Below are several pop-inspired rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection:

Vintage Persian Ghashgai Rug 48229
Vintage Persian Ghashgai Rug 48229

Vintage Pablo Picasso Rug 46686
Beautiful Vintage Pablo Picasso Rug 46686

Vintage Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Rug 47694
Vintage Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Rug 47694

Vintage Scandinavian Takashi Naraha Rug by Ege 48017
Vintage Scandinavian Rug 48017

Vintage Scandinavian Charles Arnoldi Rug by Ege 48121
Vintage Scandinavian Rug 48121

4. Moroccan Tribal Interior Design

Moroccan Design | Nazmiyal

The alluring style of North Africa has long been a favorite of bohemians, and this season, designers are drawing inspiration from tribal Moroccan designs. Warm neutrals like gold and rust pair spectacularly with the rhythmic tribal diamond patterning the region is known for. Finish off the room with copper accents and indigenous touches, and your home will feel sumptuous and exotic. Below are several Moroccan rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection to get you started:

Moroccan Rug 45326
Beautiful Moroccan Rug 45326

Large Contemporary Moroccan Rug 48065
Large Moroccan Rug 48065

Vintage Moroccan Rug 45683
Moroccan Rug 45683

Vintage Moroccan Rug 46448
Vintage Moroccan Rug 46448

Large Contemporary Moroccan Rug 48082
Contemporary Moroccan Rug 48082

Vintage Moroccan Rug 46630
Gorgeous Vintage Moroccan Rug 46630

5. Rich Ochre Yellow Interior Design

Ochre Design | Nazmiyal

Yellow can be a tricky color to design with, but this season, acidic lemony yellows are being replaced by rich ochre and groovy mustard shades. This more subdued, deeper yellow makes a great accent color, especially when paired with deep grey, natural wood, and stark black. Below are several antique rugs and vintage carpets from the Nazmiyal Collection to help get you inspired:

Antique Indian Amritsar Rug 1227
Antique Indian Amritsar Rug 1227

Antique Konya Turkish Rug 3093
Antique Konya Turkish Rug 3093

Vintage Moroccan Shag Rug 47912
Moroccan  Rug 47912

Vintage Swedish Kilim 48010
Vintage Swedish Kilim 48010

Antique Turkish Oushak Rug 47442
Antique Turkish Rug 47442

Which trend do you plan to try? Tell us in the comments!