Rooftop Bars: New York’s Hottest Summer Secret

Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

Rooftop Bars NYC – The dog day’s of summer are finally lurking around every corner where one can’t walk down the street without seeing a Mister Softee truck peddling the summer staples of dipped cones, popsicles, and your favorite cartoon character in its purest creamy frozen form. We, New Yorkers, braved the cold months of snowpocalypses, layers of thermal “heat tech” undergarments, and bulky parkas galore which can now be vacuum-sealed and stored under our beds.

With the falsified “rapture” postponed to the latter part of this year, the time has come to don those summer dresses, boat shoes, and get our sun-kissed selves out of our caves and hit up New York’s summer hot spots. What better way to enjoy that refreshingly cool mojito than atop one of the beautifully designed summer havens amidst the mecca of New York architecture.

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar NYC Nazmiyal
Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar NYC

The summer rooftop is back and bigger than ever. How can we not fall in love with these secret getaways that make us forget about the hustle and bustle of Times Square or that crowded subway car where perfect strangers get to know each other in ways we never thought possible? Sure, the rooftop is a hidden gem that can be easily located if you’re ready to dust of that pilot’s license or if that long-term investment on your NASA-engineered satellite allows you to control aerial screenshots.

However, for most of us, both of those tactics seem like way too much work (oh, and not to mention, there are those of us who are perfectly content with our own two feet firmly planted on the ground).

Here are our favorite New York City rooftop bars:

Plunge Hotel Rooftop Bar in NYC:

Plunge Rooftop Bar NYC Nazmiyal
Plunge Rooftop Bar NYC

Hotels and rooftop bars go together like “lamb and tunafish”. Okay, all bad Adam Sandler jokes aside, the rooftop has become a necessity for today’s upscale hotel. Here’s the beauty of the hotel rooftop bar, not only do they offer this amenity to its visiting inhabitors, but to the New Yorker who doesn’t mind paying $15 for that Vodka Tonic knowing that the view of our metropolitan home will be well worth that scantily clad waitress dropping off your bill with a hint of New York ‘tude.

Check out one of the Gansevoort Hotel’s locations in either the Meatpacking District or on Park Avenue in Murray Hill.

The Metropolitan Museum NYC Rooftop Bar:

The Met Rooftop Bar NYC Namiyal
The Met Rooftop Bar NYC

There are few things I love more than art, design, New York, and of course, the occasional cocktail. Now, combine all of these things into a perfect little bundle atop one of the most iconic venues for fine art, and you have yourself the “Roof Garden Cafe” at the Metropolitan Museum. This rooftop quenches the thirst that will be summoned inside your corporeal self whilst looking at Hokusai, The Temple of Dendur, and the breathtaking special exhibit, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (which I highly recommend for its design, curation, and of course, because it is ALEXANDER MCQUEEN).

Not to mention, this lovely rooftop will guarantee you some time away from bus-loads of children, boat-loads of visitors on “holiday”, and security guards watching your every move waiting to devour your soul if you even think of using a flash on that iPhone.

The [Actual] Rooftop Bar

Who said the rooftop bar is hard to spot unless you dig your jetpack out of the back of your closet or rent a hot air balloon? Oh, wait, I did. Well, thanks to modern technology and the invention of the interwebs, you can easily find that perfect paradise around the corner from your office when you are in dire need of happy hour time with your coworkers to discuss the new interns or the due date of those TPS reports ala “Office Space”.

So, once in the concrete jungle, trade in that machete and whip out your favorite palm gadget which, if you are like me, controls your life, and type in a Google search for that heavenly oasis.

Moral of the story: get on that Wonka-vator and ascend to the top of one of New York’s summer hotspots, grab a drink, and take in the beauty of the greatest city in the world. Be sure to loosen that tie, squeeze that lime into your tumbler, and feel the breeze of that cool summer night.

(Dancing to techno-induced beats is optional, yet, I highly recommend a light foot tap or perhaps a little head nodding action, but whatever you do, leave the fist-pumping for the Jersey Shore.)

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