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Famous Antique Rug Collectors: Freud, Andress, Meloni, Hesseman

ursula andress

Five Celebrities and Famous Antique Rug Collectors Antique Rug Collectors - If you are thinking about starting your own antique carpet collection, you will be in good company. You will join the likes of Sigmund Freud, Ursula Andress, Christopher Meloni, Howard … Continue reading

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Victoria Hagan Interiors

Victoria Hagan

Victoria Hagan Interiors and Design Designer Spotlight: Victoria Hagan Interiors Victoria Hagan Interiors - For the past 20 years, Victoria Hagan has been regarded as one of the most influential interior designers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that she … Continue reading

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Bunny Williams Interior Design


The Iconic NYC Based - Bunny Williams Interior Design Bunny Williams Interior Design - Our favorite interior decorators and designers, are those have been influential to the interior design industry for decades, whose use of antiques (especially antique rugs) and classical … Continue reading

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Jed Johnson and Associates Interior Design


NYC Interior Decorator Spotlight - Jed Johnson And Associates Jed Johnson and Associates - Today we continue with featuring some of our favorite interior designers. In this post we will be showcasing one of the leaders in the field of … Continue reading

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Ellie Cullman Of Cullman and Kravis Interior Design

Ellie Cullman

Ellie Cullman Interior Design Today's interior designer spotlight highlights one of the most influential and premiere American designers, Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis. Ellie has influenced American interior design for the past 25 years and has been listed as … Continue reading

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Thomas Jayne Studio of Interior Design

The Finest Rooms in America by Thomas Jayne

Thomas Jayne Interior Design Studio This weeks's designer spotlight - Jayne Design Studio In New York City: Thomas Jayne - Today's featured designer focuses on Thomas Jayne, who not only is a world renowned interior designer but is also a … Continue reading

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Michael Smith Inc. Interior Design

Michael Smith

Decorator Spotlight: Michael Smith Inc Interior Design Michael Smith Interior Design - Continuing with our Featured Interior Designer Series, renowned designer, Michael S. Smith. Michael is an iconic visionary. Hist interior designs have paved the way for contemporary interior design over the past … Continue reading

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Alexa Of Mark Hampton Interior Design LLC


The Iconic Interior Decorator - Alexa Hampton This week we will be talking about the great Alexa Hampton (daughter of Mark Hampton)! Alexa Hampton Interior Design - As part of our upcoming iconic interior designer spotlight series, comes one of the … Continue reading

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15 Tips For Interior Decorating With Antique Rugs

Interior Decorating Ideas Antique Heriz

How to Decorate with Antique Rugs and Carpets Decorating with Antique Rugs and Carpets -- Adding an antique carpet to an interior space can drastically change the look of a room. While there are many different styles of antique rugs … Continue reading

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American Hooked Rugs: History and Traditions

The Making of Hooked Rugs | Nazmiyal

Hooked Rugs: An American Tradition Hooked Rugs -- American hooked rugs are as quintessentially American as jazz music is. Like the latter, it had a very humble beginning but grew to become a unique American tradition. Dismissed for its rustic … Continue reading

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