New York Fashion Week from Runway to Rugs

New York City Fashion Week Kicks Off!

Fashion Week in NYC launches Thursday, the bi-annual sign that seasons are changing. With the days getting longer and our gloves and hats stripped off, it’s time to think spring as the biggest names in fashion unveil their 2013 spring / summer lines.

It’s a highly anticipated event, but everyone from the fervent fashionista to the struggling stylish has a hint of what next season’s hottest trends will be. And as they unveil their sneak-peak snippets, we’ve uncovered a trend ourselves: fashion style is taking the leap from the runway to the floor.

New York City Fashion Week by nazmiyal
NY Fashion Week (Photo: Reuters)

Much like the Pantone color of the year holds weight over fashion and interior design, so do the creations at New York Fashion Week. And it makes sense that the maker of your favorite clothes would have an keen eye for the other areas of design in your life.

In that way, everyone from Michael Kors to Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg and Rachel Zoe are setting design trends that work as much in the closet as in the living room. Here are the top five trends set to steal the show at Fashion Week that we’ve spotted in our antique and vintage rug collection.

SIXTIES Fashion On The Runway At Fashion Week:

NYC Fashion Week Runway Models Wearing Sixties Inspired Fashion by Nazmiyal
NYC Fashion Week Runway Models Wearing Sixties Inspired Fashion (Photo: Vogue)

If it’s loud, technicolor and you need shades to see it, you’re surely rocking some mid century vintage 60’s styles this spring / summer. We’ve already heard whispers that Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Moschino will be paying tribute to the 60’s with bold color and style. Antique Oriental rugs are hot on the trend too, with antique carpets like this American braided / hooked rug stealing the spotlight.

Oval Antique American Braided Rug by nazmiyal
Oval Antique American Braided Rug

Twins Rock The Fashion Runway At Fashion Week New York City:

Twin Models Walking Down The NYC Fashion Week Runway by Nazmiyal
Twin Models Walking Down The NYC Fashion Week Runway (Photo: Vogue)

You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing the newest runway trend. Matching pairs are all the rage for spring / summer fashion style, if the Paris version of Fashion Week is anything to go by. There, Julien David, Giorgio Armani and the closing duo at Saint Laurent paraded pairs. Our  Swedish rugs are a mid-century modern take on this trend.

Vintage Swedish Kilim Rug by Nazmiyal
Vintage Swedish Kilim Rug

GLAM GOTH Runway Models at NYC Fashion Week:

Glam Goth Fashion - Dots by Nazmiyal
Glam Goth Fashion – Dots (Photo: Vogue)

It’s feminine, sophisticated and dangerous. Black and whites in ladylike prints and patterns are going viral this spring / summer. As if these two classics weren’t already timeless, this trend balances biker style with a hint of Breakfast at Tiffany’s vulnerability that everyone can work. And it works just as well in the home, with beautiful pieces like this antique Persian rug.

Antique Persian Khorassan Rug by Nazmiyal
Antique Persian Khorassan Rug

Models wearing sequins rock the runway at NY Fashion Week:

Runway Models Wearing Sequin at Fashion Week NYC by Nazmiyal
Runway Models Wearing Sequin at Fashion Week NYC (Photo by Vogue)

Every girl loves sequins, but you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve to show off your sparkle. Spring / summer 2013 is bringing back the bling in your wardrobe with stylish pieces that blend day and nightlife. Sequins are fabulous inside as well, with vintage Kilim rugs, such as the below Moroccan rug, in particular, throwing shimmer on your interior design style.

A Sequin Vintage Kilim Rug by nazmiyal
A Sequin Vintage Kilim Rug

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