Tips on Hunting For The Perfect New York City Apartments

New York City Apartments – The hunt is on in NYC!

New York City Apartments – Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the grueling and tiresome melodrama that undoubtedly coincides with the mere act of finding that perfect New York city apartment amidst luxury high-rises, intimidating doormen fully clad in crisp black suits, and having to dodge that five story walk-up.

(Let’s be serious, if a crazed chocolatier could create a glass elevator capable of 360 degree maneuvering, then there is no reason apartment buildings should not be equipped with elevators.)

New York City Apartments
New York City Apartments

The action of moving is no easy task and is fully equipped with moody movers showing off a little more skin than one would like to see, copious amounts of bubble wrap, packaging tape, and cardboard, and not to mention, those pesky realtors who will hound you far worse than an Amex debt collector.

All that being said, how does the New Yorker on the [high] rise locate that perfect abode?

Here are our NYC apartment hunting tips:

1. Economize (Know Your Manhattan NYC Apartment Essentials)

Firstly, we must remember that this is New York City and that the average room is the size of prison cell. However, there is no need to trade in that sleek black Hugo Boss suit for inmate orange. (Very few people can really pull off that color.) Instead, we New York’ers have learned to adapt our lives, our style, and our attitude.

Manhattan New York City Apartment Interior by Nazmiyal
Manhattan New York City Apartment Interior

We like things crisp, simple, and to the point. Compromising that living space is a notion of the past where today’s apartment hunter is in search of a place to rest his head, watch mindless reality TV, and have a pie delivered. In today’s market, it is all about economy and not in terms of dollar, dollar bills ya’ll.

Keeping your apartment full of the necessities and decor that ties the room together in a sleek and modern interior design provides ample room for that morning yoga session or Botox party.

2. Manhattan New York City Apartment Location

Location, location, location, for New York City apartments, it’s all about location. Whether you are joining the hipster brigade of Brooklyn’s industrial backdrop, rows of the Upper East side’s homey townhouses fully adorned with ivy coverings, or checking in to that chic apartment straight out of “Sex and the City” in the middle of Manhattan, location is key. Ask yourself these important questions: Where do you want to live/what’s your scene?

NYC Townhouse
NYC Townhouse

How convenient is this new locale to work or your favorite Friday night hot spot? How long do you plan on staying in this new fortress? (Like I said, moving is the bane of every New Yorker’s existence. Well, moving is at least one of the banes of New York life.)

Answering these questions will aid in narrowing that search down and save you multiple taxi fares going to and from viewings, which you will need once that broker’s fee and security deposit come into play.

3. Love Everything About Your New NYC Home

Your home is a sanctuary, an escape from the overly-crowded streets of pedestrians waiting to tackle you to the ground if you even think of crossing their path on the way to get their morning Starbucks, ambulances screaming worse than a child on an airplane whose mom forgot to bring the iPad equipped with hours of “Angry Birds”, and your home is a haven for some quality R and R.

Loving your home and everything about it is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s the natural foods bodega on the corner or a simple thing like awesome doorknobs on the kitchen cupboard, it’s important to remember that these are the things that will truly make you happy when finding a new place to hang your Burberry Trench.

Perfect New York City Apartment View - nazmiyal
Perfect New York City Apartment View

So, call up that broker and put him to work, hire those movers (and a packing service if you don’t mind a complete stranger going through your unmentionables), and get out out there and hunt down that perfect place. Trust me, it will definitely be an adventure. (Indiana Jones lasso, fedora, and “Holy Grail” are totally optional. Oh, and remember to steer clear of “The Temple of Doom”, no good ever came of that place.) Happy hunting!

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