Nazmiyal’s Rare Antique Rug from the James Ballard Collection

Nazmiyal’s Rare 18th Century Turkish Rug from Renowned Carpet Scholar, James Ballard

James Ballard was one of America’s first and foremost carpet scholars and collectors, acquiring over 300 carpets throughout his career. Gathered from around the world due to his extensive traveling,  his collection of antique rugs ranged from the 15th to 18th century.

Carpet Scholar, James Ballard

In 1922 he donated 126 carpets to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, making up one fourth of their entire carpet collection. Of the select few antique carpets James Ballard chose to hold on to, the Nazmiyal Collection is pleased to have acquired one.

18th Century Tribal Turkish Antique Rug 47373 from Ballard’s Collection

18th Century Turkish Rug from James Ballard, Nazmiyal

The above is a phenomenal antique 18th century tribal Turkish rug from the private collection of James Ballard. This magnificent example displays a very unusual designed and colored central medallion. The medallion design features tribal spandrels as well as abstract “space fillers”. Documented as one of the most beloved pieces of the original James Ballard collection, this small but powerful antique carpet was featured in a number of exhibitions during the roaring 20’s. A significant and true museum caliber carpet, this beautiful antique tribal rug rare representation of one of the most coveted carpet types that were woven in the central part of Anatolia. It is rare to be able to have the opportunity to acquire such high caliber and a well-documented piece as they are almost excursively part of permanent collections.

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