Moroccan Persian or Scandinavian Rug Choose your preference!

Moroccan, Persian, Scandinavian

What’s your preference – Moroccan, Persian or Scandinavian rug?

We know that all of these rug styles are strikingly beautiful, but if you could choose one, which one would you choose?

Moroccan, Persian, or Scandinavian Rug
Moroccan, Persian, or Scandinavian Rug

Still having issues deciding? It is probably because you need a little more information. Remember knowledge is power and can be a deciding factor on choosing your favorite style.

Here is some helpful information to help you decide. Well, did you know that Moroccan rugs are fairly new to the scene – especially in the collectors world? These rugs have a flare of excitement and are best known for their gorgeous colorful designs, as well as for their geometric patterns and abstract designs. They are definitely a collectors item. Moroccan rugs have an amazing decorative element to them.

Moroccan rugs serve as a great decorative items to have in the great room or in your den. Moroccan rugs certainly take charge of making a room feel warm, bright and interesting with their unique colors and patterns.

Did Moroccan rugs spark your interest? Well let’s see how you feel about Persian rugs.

If you ever decide to research the world of Persian rugs, you would discover a rich and colorful history passed down for thousands of years. These rugs are known for their beautiful bright colors and unique design and for those of you seeking good omens this year, the geometric figures and symbolic motifs on Persian rugs protect the rug owner from evil and misfortune according to ancient traditions.

Persian rug are perfect additions to the family room in your home. The unique patterns mixed with simplicity definitely adds a homely element to any room.

But what about a vintage Scandinavian rug?

Scandinavian rugs also have a historical past about them. Something that you may find interesting is that they were once used by nobility as bedding as well as a display of social standing. These gorgeous rugs have rich colors and have a very unique artistic element about them. They are guaranteed to capture the attention and admiration of viewers at social gatherings.

Scandinavian rugs are truly a work of art and they deserve to be on display. They are a great addition to your family room and would also look lovely hanging on the wall in your home. These rugs are amazing conversation starters and spark admiration and interest from viewers.

So do you have a favorite yet? Just know that it is perfectly fine to appreciate all of them especially since they all have a particular unique quality about them.

This rug blog was published by Nazmiyal antique rug collection in NYC.