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Modern Rug Weaving Techniques

How Weaving Techniques Have Advanced With Modern Rugs

Rug weaving is an ancient art that has been perfected in cultures around the world. Oriental rugs have been prized possessions for centuries and are still sought after today. Despite the value and prestige of the classics, modern weaving techniques have allowed artisans to create ever more innovative designs.

Weaving High / Low Pile Rugs

A high / low pile rug is exactly what it sounds like: a rug with a combination of high piles and low piles. There are two or more levels of thickness in this type of rug. With this technique, rug makers can create a three-dimensional design with much more texture than would be possible otherwise. High / low pile rugs are typically made using multiple materials rather than a single wool, cotton or silk. In addition to creating different pile heights, this also adds texture to the look of the rug.

With the combination of variations in depth and feel, rug makers can make designs that feel like they are jumping out of the rug. Creators can achieve a similar effect using varied rods. This technique is described more in the section on rod height below.

Some rugs made with this technique are updates on traditional styles and others may be more abstract. Artists may use extreme forms of technique to make even more innovative designs. For example, some artists have made designs that appear to decay down to the jute backing.

High Low Pile Nazmiyal

A close up view of a high-low pile.

Cut and Loop Rugs

Conventionally, when making a rug, the creator weaves loops and cuts them to create a series of equally sized piles. On some rugs, the loop is left uncut to create a different texture. Cut and loop is a combination of these techniques. Cut and loop can be used to create a variety of designs including geometric and abstract patterns. This form is less common with traditional patterns, but it could be used to update a more conventional design.

This method was very popular in the 1970’s and ’80’s but fell out of fashion in the ’90’s. As with other styles, its popularity is cyclical, and it is starting to gain appeal again. Today, many rug makers are designing geometric patterns that use the cut and loop technique to contrast the design against the field. This creates a look that is more textured and visually pleasing.

Cut and Loop Nazmiyal

Cut and loop modern weaving technique, where some pile is cut and some is in a loop.

Weaving Rugs Using A Varied Rod Height

When hand weaving rugs, artisans typically use a rod to keep the pile heights consistent. One of the ways that they achieve a high / low pile texture is to vary the size of the rod. This allows them to use the same material to design more complex looks and create an attractive texture that has different depths similar to high / low pile rugs.

Although this is used on some vintage look rugs, it is primarily used for modern styles, as the visual appearance is more fitting in innovative designs than in traditional styles.

Varied Rod Height Nazmiyal

An example of the varied rod height technique, where the cut pile is higher in some places than others.

The Advantages of Modern Rug Weaving Techniques

The main reason that rug makers use these modern techniques is to create more unique designs. Throughout most of their history, rugs designs have not taken advantage of the three-dimensional nature of piles. Instead, rugs have largely featured flat designs of consistent pile heights.

These advancements allow makers to be more creative about how they design rugs. Patterns are bolder when they involve some physical texture. Another advantage is the unique feel a varied texture creates; however, this is a subjective quality that some people may like and others may dislike.

Varied Rod Height Weaving Nazmiyal

Weaving using a varied rod height.

Drawbacks of Modern Rug Weaving Techniques

Rugs woven using these techniques may wear less evenly than conventional techniques. Since the pile heights are different, they react differently to foot traffic. This is especially noticeable with cut and loop rugs because the two pile types bend differently, accentuating any uneven wear.

A similar issue may arise with high / low pile rugs composed of multiple materials. Styles with very short piles or exposed backing may also become damaged with excess use, so certain designs using these techniques may be better saved for rugs that see very little use or rugs hung as a form of art. They can be absolutely beautiful, but they aren’t always as practical for commercial use.

Find Your Perfect Modern Rug

Whether you love innovative weaving in modern rugs or want to stick to the classics, Nazmiyal can help you find the right style for your home. Rugs are a beautiful and artistic way to decorate the inside of your bedroom, living room, and even your wall. With the advent of modern weaving techniques, they can be even more eye-catching than ever before and can make a special conversation piece.

Check out our collection of antique, vintage and modern rugs. If you need help finding the right rug for any area of your home, our experts can provide guidance and insight based on your style, color, and pattern preferences. We are here to ensure that you find the perfect high-end rug to complete the look of your room.

Here are some beautiful modern rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection using modern weaving techniques:

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modernist Collection Rug

African Retro Rug Nazmiyal

African Retro Rug

Trendsetting Abstract Contemporary Rug Nazmiyal

Trendsetting Abstract Contemporary Rug

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modernist Collection Rug

Trendsetting Abstract Contemporary Rug Nazmiyal

Trendsetting Abstract Contemporary Rug

African Retro Rug Nazmiyal

African Retro Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

See all our modern rug collections:

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This rug blog about modern rug weaving techniques was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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