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Nazmiyal’s Mid Century Vintage Rugs – Our eclectic, comprehensive selection of vintage rugs includes the most popular and the most sought after vintage carpet and rug styles, including extraordinary pieces from Morocco, dynamic and exciting pieces from Scandinavia, and stunning Art Deco compositions from Europe and Asia.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing – and unique – characteristics of the variety of pieces that receive the “vintage rug” designation is just that: their incredible variety. A mid century vintage carpet may be characterized by a monochromatic, bare field, as is often the case in Deco Vintage carpets from China.

A Mid Century Vintage Rug in Room shows beautiful bold colors and eclectic furniture.
A Vintage Room by HomeCaprice shows beautiful bold colors and eclectic furniture.

Meanwhile, a vintage carpet from Scandinavia may feature traditional, regional design elements, arranged in a novel manner. All that is to say that there is no practical limit to the variety of aesthetic values that one can find among vintage rug styles.

Bare but bold fields are characteristics of Mid Century Vintage Chinese Deco Rugs
Bare but bold fields are characteristics of Vintage Chinese Deco Rugs. Shop this beautiful rug on our site.

At Nazmiyal Antique Rugs, we have long been admirers of mid century vintage rugs – which seem to be becoming more and more popular every day. Over the past ten years or so, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of all things “vintage,” a trend that has influenced just about every field of design.

This renewed interest in mid-century and modern aesthetics is difficult to overstate, as more and more consumers have been purchasing authentic “vintage” products – products that are, by definition, part of a finite pool.

A classic Berber vintage rug from Morocco.
A classic Berber vintage rug from Morocco.

Thankfully, the mid century vintage carpet collection here at Nazmiyal Antique Rugs was built alongside this rapid increase in the demand for vintage goods. As a result, our collection consists of the sort of authentic, vintage pieces that are most highly in demand.

From our genuine Marta Maas Fjetterstrom rugs from Sweden to our iconic Beni Ourain  / Moroccan rugs, our Vintage Rug collection is sure to surprise and delight anyone with an expressed interest in all things “vintage.”

Things You Didn’t Know about Mid Century Vintage Rugs

Vintage mid century carpets from the mid 20th century have never been as popular as they are today. Available in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors and materials, vintage mid century modern rugs compliment pretty much with every type of interior decoration.

Since some people may have misconceptions about vintage rugs, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Vintage Rugs:

1. Mid Century Vintage Rugs Are Not The Same As Antique Rugs

Many people erroneously use the words vintage and antique rugs to mean the same thing. Generally speaking, the word “vintage” denotes sometime in the past, but not so far back in the past as to make them antique. To remove confusion, this label has been given to items that are at least 40 years old but not older than 80 years.

Mid century design perfectly complements the culture, style, and mood of a vintage rugs
Mid century design perfectly complements the culture, style, and mood of vintage rugs.

In the case of rugs, those made during the period spanning from the mid to late 1930’s through the 1970’s are called vintage rugs. The mid century was a great time for innovations in art, science and popular culture and the mid-century rugs reflect the cultures, styles and moods of the time perfectly.

2. Mid Century Vintage Rugs Were Made Everywhere

One can easily find vintage mid century rugs that were made in Turkey, Iran, India, Morocco, China and just about everywhere else in the world. These carpets reflect the styles and looks specific to the place of origin as well as the time period.

You can find rugs from early America, to Europe, Asia, Africa and more.
You can find rugs from early America, to Europe, Asia, Africa and more.

3. Mid Century Vintage Rugs Offer Representative Looks Of The Era / Year That They Were Made

Vintage rugs and mid century carpets are not so old that nobody knows when or where they were made. In fact, before buying a vintage rug, you should inquire about the era and location it was made. Knowing this will tell you about the design and style of the rug and may help with planning your interior decoration accordingly.

 large Spanish Rug with deep gold tones and blue patterns popular in the 1930's Nazmiyal
This large Spanish Rug is beautiful with it’s deep gold tones and blue patterns popular in the 1930’s.

For example, the 1930’s vintage rugs from France may have patterns and motifs inspired by art deco rugs, which was popular at the time. That said, the rugs from the late 1960’s may be inspired by the pop art movement, which was making waves at the time.

4. Not All Mid Century Vintage Rugs Were Made In The Past

The word “vintage” does not exclusively indicate a particular time in the past. The term itself can also be understood to mean that the specific vintage design and style was popular in a certain time in the past.

Many manufacturers take advantage of this fact by creating products that are the exact replicas or reminiscent of products that were popular in the past and market / label them as ‘vintage’. Thus, not all vintage rugs you can find in the market are true mid century vintage rugs, although they look vintage enough.

5. Mid Century Vintage Rugs Go Well With Every Type Of Interior Style

Vintage carpets and mid century rugs come in such as wide variety of designs, styles and patterns that you can fit them in every type of interior decoration, including traditional, modern, contemporary and ultra-modern. This is the reason for their popularity.

Vintage American hooked rug from our vintage rug collection
Vintage American hooked rug from our vintage rug collection

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