Men’s Fashion Tips : Winter Coats

Fashion Tips For Men

Fashion Tips for men – Searching for the perfect statement piece this winter? Look no further! This upcoming season’s hottest trend (aside from boots) is all about the winter coat. Gentlemen, the time has come to show off that true shining personality and to embrace your fashionisto self.

Fashion Tips
Fashion Tips

Winter coats are splashing across the streets and stores in full gear for imminent months of cool crispness that are to come within the next few months.

Military Coat , Fall or Winter 2011
Military Coat , Fall or Winter 2011

Some of this season’s hottest designers are sticking to the ever popular military-inspired british fashion invasion. Military coats fully equipped with epaulettes, bold brass buttons, military bands and stripes, and neutral colors are blasting off with full force. These beauties will have you double-barrel saluting your shorts off. Nothing draws attention like a fierce coat with beautiful military-inspired detailing. There is something quite clean, crisp, and alluring about these jackets, whether it be their classic details or beautiful tailoring.

Ann Demeulemeester , Fall or Winter 2011
Ann Demeulemeester , Fall or Winter 2011

Another hot trend for the season of “Chrismahanukwanzakuh” is asymmetry. I, myself, am all about asymmetrical lines, details, hems, etc. You could put an asymmetrical anything on a garment, and I would run, kick, and beat people to snatch that puppy up. Asymmetry is hot this season because it’s different, unconventional, and fully paving a new trend for men’s fashion. The unique design of asymmetrical coats sets the wearer apart from the masses of typical black peacoats.

Men's Camel Coat , Fall or Winter 2011
Men’s Camel Coat , Fall or Winter 2011

Lastly, camel is super hot this season raging across the runway straight to your closet. Camel and neutral tones are so classic and timeless, that any man who dons a beige tone means business. I’m equating the rise of the camel coloring to women who wear white coats in the winter. You see the white coat and ask yourself how one could wear such a color in the dreary mass of sleet and snow, yet, you can’t stop staring. Why? The fact of the matter is the white coat is timeless, and its pristine self is almost surreal amid the muddle of grey slush and yellow-stained snow. Camel has the same effect for men. The color makes you wonder, but you can’t keep your eyes of that stylish fellow. Camel, it’s here. It’s so in this year.

 Check out some of our favorite looks here:

Men's Coats , Fall or Winter 2011
Men’s Coats , Fall or Winter 2011
Men's Plaid Coats , Fall or Winter 2011
Men’s Plaid Coats , Fall or Winter 2011
Men's Coats - Fall or Winter 2011
Men’s Coats – Fall or Winter 2011

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  • Simon

    Great Blog – Now’s the time to get a winter coat!

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    Nice collection I want to see more like this.

  • Hubercik

    The coat is usually an over-coat’ To keep rellay warm, they typically wear a turtle-necked sweater under the coat and a loonnnnnng scarf wrapped around the neck a couple of times, a knit cap or bonnet that picks up at least one colour of the scarf and warm gloves