Layering Rugs With Vintage and Antique Carpets

A look at layering rugs with Nazmiyal

Layering is a well-known interior design technique. Place decor, accessories, and colors on top of each other and watch your room grow in depth and personality. Layering rugs is the next big thing in interior design. Placing two or more rugs on top of each other creates beautiful textures and interesting color palettes.

Layering rugs at the One World Trade Center NYC
A close up photo of layered vintage rugs at the One World Trade Center NYC

A fantastic vintage Kilim rug and antique Bakshaish rugs were layered on top of each other for that extra wow-factor. See other vintage rugs by the One World Trade Center. Juxtaposing the colorful kilim styles with Bakshaish designs create a playful and beautiful eye-catching design.

Colorful and playful Agda Osterberg Vintage rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection
See this colorful and playful Agda Osterberg vintage Kilim from the 1950’s!
Antique Persian Bakshaish Carpet by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs
An alluring Antique Persian Bakshaish Carpet with a youthful personality. It pairs beautifully with other colorful rugs.


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