Interior Design Trend: Layering Rugs Part II

Layering Rugs Part II: Dear Design Trend, We’re mad about you.

Layering rugs on top of other rugs is the ultimate trend to have fun with in 2017. In fact, its been in vogue for a while now, making this our second feature on the eccentric look!

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There are multiple reasons why we love this look. For one, if you have a small rug that you love but it’s too tiny for the large interior you would like to use it in, you can simply layer it with a large rug, or multiple smaller sized rugs! Mix and match Antique rugs from around the world, or go on a Kilim rampage and cover the floor in a collage of tribals.

Layering rugs is also a great way to protect wall to wall carpeting, which can be a pain to replace. In addition, you can use layering rugs to delineate a certain space such as a sitting area from a walking area. In conclusion, layering rugs opens the door to infinite decor options, expanding your possibilities to a broader more playful spectrum.

Layering Rugs! Nazmiyal Collection

Antique rugs of all kinds from Indian to Persian to Turkish and beyond always look great on top of modern sisal rugs…

Layering Rugs, An Interior Design Trend We're Mad about.

Multiple rugs of unique sizes to fit unique spaces…

Layering Rugs: Multiple Antique Persian Rugs, Nazmiyal

Rugs on Rugs on Rugs: Layering Antique Persians is always a good idea…

Let us show you how its done…

Layering Rugs: Small Antique Persians matched with a large blue Moroccan, Nazmiyal

Take a look at how beautifully these three antique Persian rugs go with the large, beautiful blue vintage Moroccan rug below them! However different the looks and origins of these rugs may be, they work together to create a very interesting work of art for the floor. They are a total conversation starter beneath your feet…

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Layering Antique and Vintage Rugs, Nazmiyal

Layering Antique and Vintage Rugs, Nazmiyal

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