Jumping on Rugs – By Ian Nazmiyal

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When I was little, I used to love coming to my dad’s rug store, which I still love today  What I cherished most about the time I spent there was something I like to call “Rug Jumping”.

On one side of the showroom there are at least 150 antique oriental rugs. They are all leaned up against the fascinating rugs that got promoted to be hung on the walls for everyone to see. The rugs are all standing up leaning on each other, like a mountain waiting to be climbed. So I did!

This one time, after stretching, I made my first attempt to climb one rug – which was a good two feet taller than me. My first attempt was a failure, but I tried again and again until, eventually, I made it to the top! I felt a huge feeling of accomplishment and ran on the rugs for a victory dance. I was enjoying the moment but trying to not draw to much attention to myself, because when I’m up on the rugs for a long time my dad gets worried and makes me get down. I was enjoying the moment, keeping my balance but knowing that if I fell it would be on rugs.

Ian With Jason Nazmiyal
Ian and Jason Nazmiyal

Once I am on top of the rugs, my game begins. The object of the game is to hop from rug to rug. But the catch is, if I fell on a rug (or the floor) I would loose. I also can’t touch the walls to keep balance. Its extremely fun, but terrifying at the same time.

Nazmiyal Today
Ian Nazmiyal Today

I go all the way back to the first rug to get a good running start. I think in my head 3… 2…1…

As I take my first step I fall on a rug, but I make sure I don’t scream or there will be no more ‘Rug Jumping’ for me. I get back up and jog very slowly and carefully. Even if I tried to run fast it would be hard because I am not used to walking or running on not flat surfaces. The time for the jump was coming up, the gap got closer and closer and closer — then swish! I jump landing on the next set of rugs on both of my two feet. I let out a big “YAY!” All of a sudden to my surprise no one had heard me

Just one more jump to go I think… just one more. I start jogging with the cool air-conditioning air breeze on me I jump… I see the tan floor below me knowing if I fall it wouldn’t be pretty. As I look up I see the rugs waiting to be jumped on… I landed on them just as they wanted me to!!!!


I jump off the rugs and onto the floor. I was so proud it felt like i just won a Grammy!!!!!!! I think over the fact that I never fell!!! Then I think of the beginning of the game where I tripped running!!! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I scream. I lost, I lost !

Still today I love coming back to my dad’s rug store. But now when I come back I have a different perspective for rugs.

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