Interior Design Color Trends

Color Trends in Interior Design

The days of bright and bold colored interiors are on the verge of moving into the slow-lane as autumnal and winter interior design colors trends become more and more evident. Some of our favorite hot color trends are reflecting the outside foliage changes with deep saturated colors of crimson reds, velvety browns, and rich ochres.

Brown Color Trends Nazmiyal

Deep browns and reds are the perfect color trends for fall.

As the seasons change, home makeovers are in dire need of major face-lifts. Sure, it sounds a little whack-a-doodle to redo the entire design of your home just because the temps have dropped, but nothing gold can stay as Robert Frost once said. We are at a time in the year where there is no better excuse than to overhaul that design and style and thread with the time-shifting trends.

Color Trends for Your Gender Neutral Home Interior

So you are thinking of giving your home a face lift just in time for the fall? Why not take a leaf from the world of fashion and go with a gender neutral coloration?

This fall is going to be all about color combinations that are gender neutral. Cool, comforting, confident and elegant, these colors are equally good for your home’s interior decoration. In homes everywhere, you will be seeing a lot of desert sage, stormy weather, oak buff and other androgynous colors.

Designing a Gender Neutral Home Interior with Fall Color

Designing a Gender Neutral Home Interior with Fall Color

So with that said, here are 5 gender neutral fabulous fall color trends for your home:

1. Desert sage: A cool and soothing greenish-gray, desert sage will serve as the ideal neutral color for your home this fall. It is powerful yet unobtrusive, timeless yet just right for the season, and man-made yet uncannily natural.

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color Trends Desert Sage Nazmiyal

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color – Desert Sage

Whether you use it to paint the inner walls or outer walls, this color makes its own statement. It makes a good combination with stormy weather and oak buff.

2. Stormy weather: If you are looking for a neutral color that is cool and dependable, then you should go with stormy weather. Reminiscent of a gray, overcast sky, this blue-gray color exudes quality and luxury.

gender neutral home interiors fall color trends stormy weather by Nazmiyal

Gender Neutral Home Interior Color – Stormy Weather

Great for painting special designated areas, it makes a perfect background for modern and contemporary furniture. You can combine desert sage and oak buff to create a very cool and classy ambiance.

3. Oak Buff: The golden-yellow oak buff is mellow, warm and comforting. A naturally occurring shade, it brings good feelings and cheerfulness all over. Great for every room of the house, it provides a smooth and magnificent background for wood furniture, cabinets and sofa sets with leather upholstery.

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color Trends Oak Buff by nazmiyal

Gender Neutral Home Interior Fall Color Oak Buff

Antique Bezalel Rug From Jerusalem Israel Nazmiyal

Antique Bezalel Rug From Jerusalem Israel (Sold)

During fall, it also happens to match with the color of the outdoor. Oak buff makes a great combination with desert sage and stormy weather.

4. Biscay Bay: Combining the tranquil qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green, Biscay bay is a great color of adding a cool and confident tone to your home. This lush and elegant variation of teal inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters on a warm summer’s day.

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color Trends Biscay Bay Nazmiyal

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color – Biscay Bay

Vintage Swedish Rug by Elsa Gullberg Nazmiyal

Vintage Swedish Rug by Elsa Gullberg (sold)

Biscay bay goes very well with modern and contemporary furniture. It makes a beautiful combination with dried herb, a cool variation of olive green, and Marsala, an elegant wine red-brown color.

5. Cadmium orange: This brilliant color is one of the favorite colors of artists because it is both playful and sophisticated in its appeal. Popular in the 60’s and 70’s, it is making a big comeback this fall. When painted on a canvas or a wall, it evokes a sense of optimism, fun and fantasy.

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color Trends Cadmium Orange Nazmiyal

Gender Neutral Home Interiors Fall Color Trends Cadmium Orange

Warm and welcoming, cadmium orange’s subtly dramatic hue is striking enough to make an impression on its own or as a bold contrast with another color. It can be combined beautifully with cashmere rose, or a luxurious shade of pink that is soft and creamy.

For best effects, these colors should be used in combination with one another and also with other colors. Some colors are excellent for background color, some for creating contrast and some as a pop of color.

Make sure to use the right combination to create the desired effect.

Here are our top interior design color trends for the seasonal change:

Crimson Red Colored Interior Design

This deep red is a wonderful color to fully bring in the color-shifting season of fall foliage. Adding a rich red into the mix of your wall color draws attention to any room and really brings in a dash of class. Not to mention, crimson is a type of red that doesn’t scream red-rum the moment you post it to your home’s walls. Crimson is a hot trending color that goes great with a multitude of neutrals drawn out in one’s furniture.

Crimson Red Interior Design Nazmiyal

Crimson Red Interior Design

Chocolate Brown Color Interior Design

Chocolate brown is a classic staple in home decor that is making some serious splash this season. Something about this color just makes me think of long nights drinking a fine glass of wine in front of a blaring fireplace. Sure, it’s a pretty dark color that will shrink your space, but at the same time, will offer some serious cozy styling fully equipped with copious amounts of cuddling. When done right, chocolate brown can really set the mood and add a little spice to either light neutral furniture or enrich the deep oakiness of dark-stained wooden dining room or accent tables.

Chocolate Brown Interior Design Nazmiyal

Chocolate Brown Interior Design

Ochre Color Interior Design

This color is rather difficult and can go awry if an incorrect shade is chosen. But, once you pick a perfect match, ochre becomes an unexpected pop of color that still trends the time aligning with seasonal changes. Ochre is a sure-fire way to grab attention and add a slice of unexpected beauty to a room especially for the creative types.

Ochre Color Trends Nazmiyal

Ochre Interior Design

Interior Design Trends in Honeysuckle Pink Colors

With summer days of lounging by the pool or beach and summer nights of rooftop bar-hopping coming to a close soon, we decided that the time has come to brighten those moods and turn those sad dog puppy faces upside down.

Honeysuckle Pink Nazmiyal

Honeysuckle Pink

We felt the need to remind you that this year’s hottest color trend for interior design comes as a pleasantly pink surprise that had homeowners reminiscing of sun-tea, sand castles, and lounging in lawn chairs with a good ol’ fashioned sun tan visor. Honeysuckle was the color of the year in 2011.This precious pink has been showing up in some major fashion collections, wedding motifs, and homes galore.

Honeysuckle Pink Interiors Nazmiyal

Honeysuckle pink is showing up more and more in interior designs.

With its vibrant hue in the pink family, it comes as a bit of a surprise that this tone is serving up some serious trending action especially in today’s world of muted colors and monochromatic styling. Yes, honeysuckle is vibrant to the nth degree, but what the color does best is offer a homey feel and versatile styling choices. Whether you’ve decked out the den with this color or plastered the potty, honeysuckle is best at accommodating those hand-picked posies from the garden (or the flowers delivered from the local florist for us, New Yorkers).

An array of floral arrangements perfectly compliment this color and add a sprig of spring that will last throughout your year. Being in the red color family, honeysuckle really softens a room in a modern and contemporary chic status kind of way. Thus, the room is open and inviting making you want to sip your morning tea whilst reading the Huffington Post or relax with a bottle of kombucha post your morning yoga sesh.

Honeysuckle Pink Living Room Nazmiyal

Honeysuckle pink, Pantone’s color of 2011, in the living room.

I, myself am drawn to the neutral color palette of grays, blacks, and whites, with a slight pop in the warm color family, but I can appreciate honeysuckle for the modern mom and her stylish pad. There is something alluring about this color that just screams coming home to a plate of milk and cookies. I’ve never been overwhelmed with nostalgia induced by a color, but this little guy just really gets me.

Must be the real momma’s boy in me that can’t help to go back to the days when I was a wee little lad doing horrible magician tricks in my childhood home’s living room or playing cards (and cheating, of course) with my grandma at her house.

Honeysuckle Pink Bedroom Nazmiyal

Honeysuckle Pink Bedroom

So, when you get tired of your prison-like cell of grays, slates, and charcoals, when you can’t bear to keep up with maintaining your pristine white hospital room, or when you need some serious change, get yo’ self some serious honeysuckle. The birds and the bees are incessantly drawn the flower, as I am sure you will have some serious attraction to your freshly coated home. Be sure to buzzzzzzzzz us with some pics!

Honeysuckle Pink Bathroom Decor Nazmiyal

Honeysuckle Pink Bathroom Decor

The Recent Fall Trending Interior Design Color Palettes

First of all, let me just say that I am in complete disbelief that the Fall is slowly creeping around the corner. I like my days long, hot, and steamy where I can dine on outdoor patios without my fingers suffering from acute frostbite. (There is nothing cute about frostbite, FYI.)

Sure, the humidity hates gorgeous locks of voluminous hair. Yes, back-sweat makes everyone look like a marathon runner, but summer in New York City is jam-packed with so much to do and see, rooftops to be on top of, food to be grilled, and frolics through parks to be scampered. However, a boy can only dream of summer nights and days for so long until the leaves begin to turn and fall, breezes blow by shuddering up one’s spine, and the term, “layer”, comes back into play.

Trending Interior Design Color Palettes - Nazmiyal

Trending Interior Design Color Palettes

In order to prepare yourself for the imminent climate change, check out our trending interior design color palettes for fall:

Yes, it’s going to be fall and every single fall, some shade of orange is hot. Can you blame us though? When we see orange, we think pumpkins, sweet potatoes, turkey, leaves, etc. Orange is an autumnal staple. This year, cayenne brings more to the table than the Master Cleanse or Beyonce Diet. (Trust me, don’t even go there. I tried it once, and let’s just say misery was an understatement.)

All that being said, cayenne offers a gentle approach to the bursting vibrancy of the orange color palette and presents a homey feel that makes you want to curl up next to a fire. What we also love about cayenne is its versatility. Whether you’re painting the hallway, throwing down some pillows, or decking out the bathroom in all of cayenne’s glory, this color will brighten your home and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Side effects may include: uncontrollable cravings for yams and pumpkin pie.

Cayenne Interior Decor Nazmiyal

Use cayenne in your decor for fall.

Trending Interior Design Color Trends and Palettes For Fall – green / Kiwi Colors

Green, yet another fine choice for an autumnal staple. This fall we are kind of obsessed with kiwi which will be a great complimentary color to that cayenne. Kiwi is a cooler shade of green that offers a little bite through its subtle vibrancy. This absolutely delicious color will liven a room even through drab nights and howling winds. Make sure to be sparse with kiwi perhaps using it in a throw, accent furniture, or table napkins.

Too much kiwi could transport your modern day loft to the island huts of Oahu. Be sure to steer clear of these volcanic eruptions unless living in a tiki hut is your thing.

Kiwi Green Interior Design Nazmiyal

Add a little bit of kiwi to your decor for a fun color pop.

Trending Interior Design Color Palettes For Fall – Purple / Eggplant Colors:

Last but not least on our favorite fall color palette is eggplant. This shade of purple is wonderful for decorating the modern chic apartment. Eggplant is a rich and hearty color that really gives a room a sense of sophistication, history, and not to mention, a sense of nobility.

Pairing this color with muted neutral tones of whites, greys, or tans can really add a touch of heft to this coming season’s colors. All of this talk about colors named after foods sure makes a guy hungry.

Eggplant Interior Design Nazmiyal

Eggplant is the perfect color for the living room.

Color Trends for Your Home Interior design

It’s that time again, where leading paint specialists and trendsetters release their selections for the Colors of the Year, 2016. These suggestions predict what the interior design color trends will be inspiring interpretations among designers and your favorite home design stores in the New Year.

The great thing about these palettes is that they are soft, fashion-forward shades that will work in just about any room, color theme or style. A great way to incorporate these serene colors into your home is by using a rug or carpet.

Here are our tips:

Pantone, Rose Quartz & Serenity– This complimentary duo is the first color combination that has ever been selected. They were designed to bring peace and serenity to the home during these stressful times.

Pantone says the decision was based on emotion, “A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

Glidden, Cappuccino White– Glidden has chosen to re-rempower the color white in a new iteration, making it a statement color for 2016. When asked to describe the new shade, paint color expert, Misty Yeomans says:

“As legendary fashion designer Tom Ford said, ‘Time and silence are the most luxurious things today’ In an age of constant interruption and chatter, Cappuccino White offers a soft backdrop that helps defer distractions ad creates a calm lightness in the home to encourage a relaxed mind”.

We recommend pairing this color with delicate pastels or light neutral colors.

Sherwin-Williams, Alabaster Jackie Jordan, Color Marketing Director says:

“Alabaster represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness. It provides an oasis of calmness, spirituality and ‘less is more’ visual relief. Alabaster is neither stark nor overly warm, but rather an understated and alluring white.”

Benjamin Moore, Simply WhiteThis color is all about appreciating the subtleties of white and the simple beauty of it’s interactions with light. It’s a contemporary, minimalist design approach and Benjamin Moore suggests using black accents for a high contrast effect. You can also try pairing with blush tones or wine undertones similar to Pantone color of the year to create a complementary interior design color trends palette across the board for 2016.

Crazy Vibrant Color Interior Design Trends

Vibrant Interior Design Color Trends – With the future fashion trends gracing the runways during the 2012 preview shows, where does this leave the world of interior design? Well, boy and girls, ladies and gents, designers and decorators, I have one thing to say, “You better work (in that color, that is). Crazy color choices are here, and they are here to stay for the modern man and / or woman. The days of simple color palettes are gone.

Rooms full of gunmetal grey, funeral black furniture, and cold steel accents — passe! Ugh, don’t even get me started on the bleach stained all white motif that wreaks cleanliness and sterility! You don’t live in a hospital, put the eggshell down, back away from the mother of pearl, and “marshmallow bunny white” must be some kind of joke.

(Sadly, said color actually exists.) Revamp that room with colors, my dears, bright vibrant colors that would make homeowners of West Chelsea scream, “Oh, my Gaga!”

Vibrant Interior Design Colors Nazmiyal

Vibrant colors are fun in interior design.

I know this must come as a shocker to you as you read this post, hyperventilate, and breathe into a brown paper bag, BUT calm down, do a little buddhist chant, and say teal, fuchsia, lemon, chartreuse, cyan, tangerine, and magenta.

Wow, that kind of sounds like a bowl of Trix cereal or a bag or Runts. Oh, whatever! What I am saying here is step out of the black box and liven up that living space with bursts of streaming colors.

Vibrant Colors Interior Design Nazmiyal

Vibrant colors in interior design

Pastel Colored Interior Design Trends

Traditional classic colors for the spring come at no surprise that they would be full of enough pastel options that would make the Easter Bunny jealous. That being said, modern motifs have shown these traditional hues paired with harsher and more aggressive styling.

Sure, we can paint the wall soft pink, but trends forecasts are leaning towards incorporating severe pops of darker tones by juxtaposing said palette with tons and tons of black. Modern interior design is all about taking that classic or vintage look and updating it for today’s trendsetter.

Pastel Interior Design Trends Nazmiyal

Pastel Interior Design Trend

Soft, subtle and always angelic, pastel rugs are for dreamers

Interior decorating with beautiful pastels and soft colored rugs:

Pastels; not just for the nursery, baby. Designers are bringing back these whimsical colors in sweet and subtle ways to give a heavenly feeling to your living space. And what better way to employ this dreamy trend than with pastel rugs? Incorporate this Spring palette into interiors with a Scandinavian influence, or to add a retro feel.

As for rugs, pastels can be found across the board, from vintage to antique rugs. Depending on your taste, you can find these colors in Turkish rugs, or through the magnificence of silk. Baby blue, light pink, and minty green are now the answer to a modern accent, often toned down with elements of black. So what do you say? Are you falling for the pastel come-back?

Pastel Rugs Color Trends Nazmiyal

Use a pastel rug to soften up your space.

Always angelic and inspiring of dreams, explore  eight these beautiful soft pastel rugs from The Nazmiyal Collection to soften up any room’s interior decor:

Late 17th Century Palace-Size Silk Indian Suzani Embroidery Nazmiyal

Late 17th Century Palace-Size Silk Indian Suzani Embroidery

Large Light Blue Antique Persian Kerman Rug Nazmiyal

Large Light Blue Antique Persian Kerman Rug

This interior design blog post about trending color palettes in interior design and home decor was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs and Rugs in New York City.

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