Incorporating Contemporary Mirrors In Interior Design


Decorating Your Home With Contemporary Mirrors

Contemporary Mirrors – Who’s the chicest of them all? What better way to tie a room together than with a decorative mirror that not only adds a little pizzazz to that dull room but elongates any room it adorns. (Not to mention the hours of gawking that will have you singing “Tra-la-la-la-la” faster than Vanity Smurf.)

Show off that reflection of your self-style with an array of mirror designs ranging from antique baroque to contemporary collage styles. With such a prismatic spectrum, how does one pick that perfect looking-glass?

Contemporary Mirror: Sunburst Design by Nazmiyal
Contemporary Mirror: Sunburst Design

Adding a touch of color to the antique feel of a baroque mirror really livens a room making it hip and modern. We especially love the standalone quality of this mirror which automatically opens up any room regardless of size.

Contemporary Baroque Mirror by Nazmiyal
Contemporary Baroque Mirror

Beautifully crafted mirror with intricate curved carvings really gives off that old-world vibe and a sense of romanticism.

Classic Baroque Mirror by Nazmiyal
More of A Classic Baroque Mirror

Revamping an antique mirror with a monochromatic stain or paint screams sophisticated vintage.

Contemporary Mirrors Based on Antique Designs by Namziyal
Contemporary Mirrors Based on Antique Designs

Shine on with sunburst mirrors which are the perfect wall decor that live and breathe, “Fashion before function.” These mirrors liven any room up and are great attention-grabbers.

Contemporary Sunburst Mirror Design by Nazmiyal
Contemporary Sunburst Mirror Design

This modern take on every carnie’s favorite optical illusion will shock and amaze your guests through their multi-beveled three-dimensional design.

Contemporary Mirrors: Fun-house Mirror Design by Nazmiyal
Contemporary Mirrors: Fun-house Mirror Design

Another tribute to my personal favorite of East meets West, the River Mirror overlays light-stained natural wood accents atop this rectangular mirror.

River Mirror
River Mirror

So, whether you’re decking out that modern-day bachelor pad or paying homage to your vampire-lair with baroque style accents and organ music, remember these important tips: never ever step through the looking-glass, vampires have no reflections, and breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck. Other than those three pieces of cautionary advice, happy decorating!

This interior design blog post was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs, located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, NY.