African Influenced Interiors and Designs

African Influenced Interiors and Decors

African Influenced Interiors – Bright colors and animal imitations are no longer featured in the far-away villas of vacation homes. Now, African influenced style is showcasing in eclectic interiors everywhere, adding elements of exotic sophistication to modern residences.

“In 2013, African influences are said to be a major trend,” says architecture and design weblog, Freshhome. Among their top 10 most talked about interior design trends, African stands out stands out for their “particularly dynamic and ‘exotic’ features.”

The movement pulls sculpture, wallpaper, antique carpets and ritual art into the home. But, the most compelling characteristics are the bold hues and competing patterns that define African design.

In African culture, colors and patterns hold symbolic meaning. They are emblematic of the land and beings around tribes. According to African legend, the very first textile design was a spider web pattern, a mirror of what two boys witnessed in action and recreated in print.

African Influenced Interiors - Nazmiyal
African Influenced Interiors

Today, African influences hold less of this traditional meaning, but their essence remains the same. The mixed motifs and textures they add to a space brings out feelings of nature and project a calm, international presence.

Beyond the psychological comfort African influences bring to the home, is the trend’s versatility. From a single animal rug, to rooms of full-on safari chic or scattered with tribal pieces, African influenced style works with any and every interior design.

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