The Hudson Hotel Library Bar in NYC

Review of The Hudson Hotel Library Bar in NYC

New York City’s Hudson Hotel Library BarStylish rooftop bars are on the rise yet again, and this time, we’re focusing on the Library at the Hudson Hotel. This bar is quite the site to see and has an array of libations that will soothe your thirsty soul.

The Library at the Hudson Hotel is a beautiful space full of plush leather sofas, wing-back armchairs, and mounds of books begging to be skimmed through as you drink a delicious ‘rare fashioned’ cocktail.

The Hudson Hotel Library Bar in NYC by Nazmiyal
The Hudson Hotel Library Bar in NYC

Lining the bar making it a special place in New York, are the books. Being called the Library, it definitely lives up to its name with a plethora of reading material with subjects on fashion, art, theater, and more.

The old-world feel of this bar really takes one to the streets of London basking in its huge fireplace. The glow from the fire along with the smell of books will have you feeling all kinds of cozy.

The Library Bar NYC by Nazmiyal
The Library Bar NYC

The Library bar offers a place to really get away and become lost for hours in its inviting atmosphere. With plush leather couches, antique carpets, and an antique billiard table, you’ll travel back in time in luxury. One could only wish that all libraries would serve you some booze as you sifted through pages of Chekhov. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

Hudson Hotel Bar Nazmiyal
Hudson Hotel Bar

If you see yourself venturing up to the Hudson Hotel, be sure to check out the Library and all it has to offer. Trust me, this is a place you will soon be dreaming about until you visit it again. Enjoy a quite night out or bring your artsy friends along to engage in deep conversation about Dali, the avant-garde, or the smoothness of your gin cocktail. Cheers!

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