Holiday Gifts for the Interior Design Obsessed

Great Holiday Home Interior and Gifts

Holiday Gift Ideas by Nazmiyal — It can be hard to find the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. If you have friends or family that have particularly discerning taste, especially when it comes to their home decor, shopping for a great present can feel downright intimidating.

Don’t worry though, because Nazmiyal Collection as assembled a list of ten holiday gift ideas perfect for the interior decorating junkie in your life. If your loved one considers Martha Stewart a demi-god, has the most robust and well-curated Pinterest you’ve ever seen, and seems to all but bleed house-paint, these gift ideas are sure to please!

Holiday Home Interior Gifts

Holiday Home Interior and Gifts By Nazmiyal
Nazmiyal Holiday Home Gift Ideas

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1. Colorful Vintage Home Accessories

Give the Gift of Colorful Vintage Homegoods by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Give the Gift of Colorful Vintage Homegoods

Vintage home accessories make a great gift — they’re interesting, beautiful, and always one of a kind! No matter your recipient’s style, there’s a vintage decoration out there that perfectly suits their needs. Head to your local flea market or antique dealer to find a wonderfully unique gift, or enjoy the convenience of shopping online with websites like Etsy and Ebay.

2. Design-Oriented Coffee Table Books

Design Focused Coffee Table Books by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Design Focused Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are great holiday gifts for any home interior design and home-improvement mavens. They both spruce up and add color to the rooms in which they’re displayed, and they’re full of tips and inspiration for your loved one’s next project! Plus, there are plenty to choose from: Whether your recipient is into shabby chic, mid-century modern, high fashion, or DIY projects, there’s a perfect coffee table book to suit their interests.

3. A Beautiful Antique Rug or Carpet

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs As Holiday Gifts
A Beautiful Antique Rugs is thoughtful and memorable holiday home interior gifts

One of the most thoughtful and enduring gifts you can give is one that can update the entire look of your loved ones’ space. One gift that has the ability to do this is a beautiful antique rug and textile.

Antique Oriental rugs and carpets add warmth, beauty, and a sense of history to the interiors they’re placed in. The Nazmiyal Collection has an extensive inventory in a variety of rug sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect antique rug for that special someone on your list.

4. Flowers of the Month Club

Flowers of the Month Club by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Flowers of the Month Club

Fresh floral arrangements add a pop of color and seasonal cheer to any interior. Keep your friends homes looking (and smelling) fresh with a flowers of the month club subscription. These make great holiday gifts for the home  as it will save them countless trips to the florist, and even more, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness all year long!

5. Spa-Quality Toiletries and Bathroom Accessories

Luxury Bath Accessories by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Luxury Bath Accessories

Splurge on fancy bath treats and spa-like accessories for your friends who value both beauty and the power of relaxation. From sweet-smelling candles, to plush robes, to luxurious potions and elixers, these treats feel thoughtfully posh. Everyone likes being pampered, and nothing says you deserve a break  like relaxing and aromatic toiletries.

6. Personalized Homegoods

Monogrammed Home Accessories by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Monogrammed Home Accessories

Monogrammed home accessories never go out of style. Let your loved ones know that they’re one-of-a-kind with a personalized holiday gifts that will add a sophisticated touch to their homes.

7. Interior Design, Culinary, or Home Craft Courses

Thoughtful Home Courses by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Thoughtful Home Courses

For the home-expert in your life, there’s no better gift than the gift of knowledge. Enroll them in an interesting and fun course like French Cooking, Intro to Woodworking, or Scrapbooking 101. Check your local community centers and universities for their Adult Education curriculums, or search for restaurants or craft stores that offer classes relating to your loved ones’ interests.

8. Geographic Statement Pieces

Geography Specific Artworks by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Geography Specific Artworks

Everyone has one friend who is extremely proud of their city. Give them the gift of a geographically-specific accent piece that will remind them of what they love about their home; whether its the hustle and bustle of the city, or the tranquility of the seashore.

9. Luxury Cookware and Kitchen Accessories

Beautiful Kitchen Accessories by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Beautiful Kitchen Accessories

All too often, we choose function over form when it comes to the workhorses of our kitchen tool kits. Let your loved ones cook in style by replacing their culinary staples with objects that are both functional and beautiful making them the perfect holiday gifts for your home. Choose luxurious takes on classics, or pick them up a new gadget that will add ease to their kitchen routine.

10. Gorgeous Planning Journals

Planning Journals and Accessories by Nazmiyal Design Blog
Planning Journals and Accessories

Home interior design junkies are always thinking about their next projects. Give them an excuse to plan in style, with colorful notebooks, gorgeous pens, and inspiring planners.

This interior design blog about home interior and gifts was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.