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Interior Design In The Hamptons

Hamptons Interior Design – There are few things that are more iconic for today’s summer vacation than packing up that SUV with a Louis Vuitton weekend bag full of bathing suits, filling a mini-cooler with turkey and brie sandwiches, and zipping off to that chic retreat in the Hamptons. (Don’t forget to tote the kids along. This isn’t an episode of “Modern Family” or a Macaulay Culkin film.)

The Long Island NY Hamptons have become a staple of the American Dream. At least for east-coasters who are trading in the white picket fence (or more like Upper East Side town-home) for an ocean oasis equipped with dock and sailboat.

In today’s time and society, it’s easy to forget about taking time for yourself midst the grueling daily commute, countless hours of overtime at work, and keeping the house staff of cooks, nannies, and dog walkers in order. What better way to say goodbye to your busy every day life than taking a little summer vacay?

Hamptons Interior Design by nazmiyal
Hamptons Interior Design

The Hamptons, located on the far east side of Long Island, is a summer oasis that many New York’ers and east-coasters alike call their perfect summer getaway.

Not only does this sanctuary offer glistening oceanic views, fashion senses directly taken out of a Ralph Lauren Mansion, and countless days of sipping sweet tea on the deck accompanied by gentle summer breezes, but these heavenly abodes boast a serious sense of interior design that give South Beach and Catalina a run for their money.

Hamptons Living Room Interior Design by nazmiyal
Hamptons Living Room Interior Design

The Hamptons interior design is all about mirroring the surroundings of the sunny ocean side view which is peeping directly into your summer home through those bay windows. There is no better place for showing off that brand new beech wood coffee table or rich oak-stained side table than in your Hamptons getaway home.

Hamptons Family Room Interior Design by Nazmiyal
Hamptons Family Room Interior Design

Adorning the room with seaside accessories of art-nouveau pieces constructed of coral, recycled buoys, anchors, or heck, that old captain’s wheel from the “Black Pearl” really tie in that beach-side theme that would make the inhabitants of Atlantis super jealous.

Hamptons New York Living Room Interior Design by nazmiyal
Hamptons New York – Living Room Interior Design

Don’t forget about the the colors! The summer Hamptons home is all about simplicity with pops of cool color and a hint of vibrant warm tones. Keeping the room sleek and simple are of absolute importance with crisp whites, chocolaty brown accents, and pops of color like “Tiffany Blue“.

Hamptons Bedroom Interior Design by nazmiyal
Hamptons Bedroom Interior Design

Try incorporating a warmer color of orange or golden yellow into an accent piece like a throw or side chair as depicted above. Remember, this solace is an escape to the countryside away from brownstones and Art-Deco architecture. Make sure to leave the industrialized theme of gray concrete floors, exposed brick, and stainless steel for the Wall Street loft.

So, instead of watching that marathon of “Royal Pains” on USA wishing you were in The Hamptons, pack that Land Rover and head over to your new summer home. Be sure to take care of yourself. The summer is here, and you definitely deserve some grade “A” relaxation time.

This design blog about Hamptons Interior Design was published by Nazmiyal antique rugs in New York City.