The New Face for Christian Dior: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Becomes the New face Of Christian Dior

Could Marc Jacobs really be the new face for Christian Dior? A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the (un)fortunate firing of John Galliano from the House of Dior due to his racial commentary.

Marc Jacobs Fashion in Vogue - Nazmiyal
Marc Jacobs Fashion in Vogue

Now, with fashion kicking into high gear, the question that is racing through everyone’s minds is who will take over Galliano’s position.

Marc Jacobs 2011 - Women's Fashion Designed for Christian Dior  - Nazmiyal
Marc Jacobs 2011 – Women’s Fashion Designed for Christian Dior

The Gossips are doing what they do best in speculating who will don the the prestigious Dior title. Up in the air for the fashion frenzy along with Jacobs are Alexander Wang, Christian Lacroix, and Keren Craig of Marchesa. My personal vote goes out to Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Women's Christian Dior Fashion - Nazmiyal
Jacobs Women’s Christian Dior Fashion

Not only do I have a serious obsession with him, but his men’s line brings men’s fashion to a whole new level. Jacobs is known taking men’s apparel and basics and adding a modern twist with edge and a hint of punk. Every time I see one of his pieces, I can’t help but squeal like a little school girl.

Christian Dior Men's Fashion by Marc Jacobs - Nazmiyal
Christian Dior Men’s Fashion by Marc Jacobs

Jacobs would be a great choice for Christian Dior having led the Louis Vuitton label situated as their creative director. Although, Alexander Wang would be an interesting choice for a close second.

Marc Jacobs Designed Men's Fashion for Christian Dior  - Namziyal
Marc Jacobs Designed Men’s Fashion for Christian Dior

Only time will tell where Christian Dior’s direction will go and having a fresh face up on their runway is set to show off some serious fashion statements.

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