Interior Decorator and Designer Michael Smith by NAzmiyal

Michael Smith Inc. Interior Design

Decorator Spotlight: Michael Smith Inc Interior Design Michael Smith Interior Design – Continuing with our Featured Interior Designer Series, renowned designer, Michael S. Smith. Michael is an iconic visionary. Hist interior designs have paved the way for contemporary interior design over the past 20 years. You may recognize Michael Smith’s name because, Smith was in charge of redecorating […]

Picture of Interior Decorator Alexa Hampton Of Mark Hampton Design LLC by NAzmiyal

Alexa Of Mark Hampton Interior Design LLC

The Iconic Interior Decorator – Alexa Hampton This week we will be talking about the great Alexa Hampton (daughter of Mark Hampton)! Alexa Hampton Interior Design – As part of our upcoming iconic interior designer spotlight series, comes one of the most celebrated interior designers in the industry – the great Alexa Hampton! Alexa is the daughter of […]


Modern Decor With Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rug Taste with Modern Decor: Choosing the Perfect Vintage Rug Vintage Rug Taste with Modern Decor — Choosing the perfect vintage rug for your home is not as hard as it may sound. By using the right décor elements, you can give your home the perfect blend of quality and style. As I have experienced, it […]

Holiday Interior Design Makeover - Namziyal

Festive Holiday Interior Design Makeover

Festive New Years and Holiday Interior Design Makeover Holiday Interior Design Makeover – Are you giving your interior design a makeover for Christmas or the New Year? Then you may want to consider changing out or upgrading your antique rugs as well. Rugs play an important role in interior design so choose antique carpets that can transition […]