Mid Century Modern Design

Mid Century Modern Design: The Home of Tomorrow

Mid Century Modern Design: The Future is Now Mid Century Modern Design — When interior designers refer to “Mid Century Modern” design, they are referring to an aesthetic style based around the idea of streamlining everyday life using technology that was immensely popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the United States and Europe. After World […]

Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal in the News: Vintage Moroccan Rugs on Art Daily

Vintage Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal featured on Art Daily Read about our previous acquisition of rare Moroccan rugs.  Nazmiyal Collection’s recent addition of over 50 vintage Moroccan rugs has been featured in Art Daily! Vintage Moroccan carpets have become incredibly popular in recent years, because of their chic modern style and variety of design. As the article […]

Nazmiyal Antique Garments Collection

More than Rugs: Nazmiyal’s Antique Garments Collection

View Nazmiyal’s Beautiful Collection of Rare Antique Garments In addition to the Nazmiyal Collection’s extensive assortment of antique rugs and vintage carpets, we also stock an impressive array of antique textiles from around the world. Some of our most interesting textile pieces are our antique garments; the rich histories of which combine the realms of fine art, fashion, and […]

Antique Carpets Of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Antique Carpets Set Design

Set Design and Downton Abbey’s Antique Carpets Antique Carpets of Downton Abbey – Downton Abbey is back with gripping plots and dazzling sets as the fourth season premieres in the United States. It’s not just the plots that draw viewers in. The lavish Downton Abbey set design, surroundings and furnishings, especially the antique rugs and tapestries, entertain […]

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Color of the Year For 2014

Pantone Color of the Year: Purple Then and Now Although the announcement is exciting all corners of the interior design world, the popularity of purple isn’t exactly new. Purple has a rich legacy for being a desirable and rare color often associated with royalty. This royal connection is partly due to the scarcity of purple […]