DIY Home Projects: Fabulous Floors

DIY Home Projects For Creating Fabulous Floors Yourself! DIY Home Projects – You can use just about anything around the house to update your home decor. But, did you know you can DIY your floor? Two designs that have hit international headlines are proving that all you need is a little inspiration to create  floors that […]

Metro Show NYC

Inside the Metro Show NYC 2013

New York City Exhibition Spotlight: The 2013 Metro Show NYC 2013 Metro Show NYC — The second annual NYC METRO Show kicked off in New York City on Thursday, bringing an eclectic mix of ethnographic, tribal and fine art to the Metropolitan Pavilion. The NYC Metro show is famous for five days of antique splendor, but centers itself […]

Inventing Abstraction at MOMA Museum by Nazmiyal

Inventing Abstraction at MoMA

MoMA Exhibition Spotlight: Inventing Abstraction Inventing Abstraction at MoMA — It is one of the most notable genres of art. It is colorful, it is stark, it is feminine and phallic. But beyond the depth and nuance of abstract art, there is a spectacular history of interconnections that is the heart of New York’s MoMA Museum […]

Alighiero Boetti Textile Art World Map Tapestry At The MOMA Nazmiyal

Alighiero Boetti Vintage Tapestries and Carpets on Display at MOMA

Alighiero Boetti Vintage Tapestries at MOMA Alighiero Boett Tapestries – Textiles have a long history of bringing cultures, religions, and people together. Artist Alighiero Boetti (1940-1994), currently on exhibit at the MoMA in New York City, makes evident this beautiful truth through his exquisite and provocative tapestries and carpets. An Italian from the industrial city of Turin, […]