Made in the Americas Nazmiya

Review: “Made in the Americas” at the Museum of Fine Arts

Diving into Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia During Christopher Columbus’s famous expedition westward through the Atlantic Ocean to Asia, he never imagined that he would uncover the body of islands we now know as the Americas, or the West Indies. Decades after his tremendous discovery, the land developed into one of the most sought out locations for Asian imported goods. As […]

Painting Of Fur Traders Descending the Missouri by George Caleb Bingham Nazmiyal

George Caleb Bingham Most Famous Paintings At The Met

Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River at the Metropolitan Museum George Caleb Bingham — The first major American artist known to be based in the west of the Mississippi River, George Caleb Bingham painted many compelling true-to-life paintings depicting the frontier life along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. His works languished in obscurity until the 1930’s. […]

Navajo Serape Dyed with Cochineal Nazmiyal

Cochineal: The Red that Colored the World

Exhibition Review: “The Red that Colored the World” at the Museum of International Folk Art Cochineal — Since the beginning of modern history, the color red has had a special place in art, decoration, fashion and foods. Red is one of the primary colors and one of the most universally used colors. Warm and attractive, it has the power […]

Vintage “Musicos Con Mascaras” Pablo Picasso Carpet 48496 at Nazmiyal

Musicos Con Mascaras Carpet by Pablo Picasso, Now at Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Acquires “Musicos Con Mascaras” Carpet by Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso — Probably the single most important artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso transformed the face of modern art with his bold experiments in cubism, collage, constructed sculpture and a variety of other styles, several of which he is credited with inventing or co-inventing. A painter, […]

Portrait of a Ruler or Musician, Sultans of Deccan Exhibit, Nazmiyal

Exhibition Review: Sultans of Deccan India: Opulence and Fantasy at the Metropolitan Museum

Sultans of Deccan India at the Metropolitan Museum Sultans of Deccan India –To anyone interested in the rich and exotic art, culture and history of south India, the exhibition “Sultans of Deccan India: Opulence and Fantasy” is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. The landmark exhibition being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York […]