Antique Tribal Persian Baluch rug Nazmiyal

Buying My First Antique Rug

The Story Of My First Antique Rug Purchase Guest Blog By: Raven Ziegler Coming to the NYC area in 2008 after 20 years of pursuing art and metaphysical studies around the world, I was back in old territory. While exploring the landscape I noticed these large tent sales with the 80% off signs. I bought […]

The Ardabil Carpet by Nazmiyal

Unraveling The Story Of The Antique Ardabil Carpet, The Oldest Dated Carpet In The World

Story Of The Oldest Dated Carpet In The World, The Iconic Antique Ardabil Carpet of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London The Iconic Ardabil Carpet The Oldest Dated Carpet – Hand woven in the heart of Northwest Persia, probably in or around the city of Tabriz, by court official Maqsud Kashani, the famous “Ardabil Carpet” […]

The Saithwaite Family, Islamic Carpets in Paintings, Nazmiyal Collection

Islamic Art in Antique Rugs

Islamic Art in Antique Rugs: The most iconic Islamic art form and cultural tradition. Carpet weaving is the most iconic art form to come out of islamic societies. This extraordinary tradition is most famous for producing the ‘pile carpet’ also known as the ‘oriental carpet.’ And so,  predominantly you will find the most sophisticated islamic […]

Florine Stettheimer, Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry

Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry: Contemplating the rugs in the Jewish Museum’s new buzzing exhibition. The Jewish Museum’s latest exhibition, Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry is bursting with insight into early 20th century decadence and interior design. Born into a wealthy Jewish family, Florine was immersed in luxury interiors, so it is no surprise that her paintings are packed […]

The Nazmiyal Collection's Mystery Rug!

Mystery Rug to be Discovered

The Mystery Rug that has captured out curiosity. Covered in what we believe to be Poppies, The Nazmiyal Collection has acquired a mystery rug of incomparable beauty that is without identity… There are numerous factors that make this rug an invaluable mystery to us. For one, we know it was likely made on a horizontal […]

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Manhattan Showroom

Nazmiyal, The Best Place to Buy Rugs!

The Nazmiyal Collection: Why We’re The Best Place to Buy Rugs The best place to buy rugs – Established in 1980, The Nazmiyal Collection has acquired quite possibly the largest collection of antique and vintage rugs in the world. In the rug realm, The Nazmiyal Collection is well known and and extremely respected. But general consumers might […]