The Ava Lounge Dream Hotel in NYC

Review of the Rooftop Ava Lounge NYC at the Dream Hotel

Ava Lounge NYC at the Dream Hotel – The term ‘heavenly oasis’ is not a term that one associates with New York City amidst the hoards of foreign tourists, business suits, and delivery men toting Seamless bags full of Thai food to the average New York luncher.

However, that’s all about to change with our recent find on my favorite topic, rooftop bars. Yes, dears, do not worry. I am back with what I know and love best. This time the liquor spa we’re talking about is the Dream Hotel Rooftop Ava Lounge NYC.

Dream Hotel New York Nazmiyal
Dream Hotel New York – The Ava Lounge

The Ava Lounge sits atop one of New York’s newest gems, the Dream Hotel, located smack dab in the middle of the busiest place in the city, Times Square. I know what you’re thinking because if you are anything like me, then you have a burning hatred for this tourist hotspot.

The Dream Hotel NYC Nazmiyal
The Dream Hotel NYC

Let me just say that the Dream Hotel NYC is definitely worth the trip fending off seas of fanny-pack wielding tourists and my personal favorite people, promoters yelling about some comedy show.

(No, I do not want to go to a comedy show, and if you ask me 19 times, the last thing I want to do is laugh. I would rather take the flyer in your hands and cut my ears off with it.)

Sorry, that was a bit morbid and I digressed.

Dream Hotel Rooftop Bar in NYC Nazmiyal
Dream Hotel Rooftop Bar in NYC

The Dream Hotel is a modern marvel of chic status for the young professional. With it’s sleek decor and futuristic façade, it’s perfectly tailored for those young, driven, and creative individuals.

Once you walk past the Hotel lobby of this space-age hot-spot, soar 14 floors above Midtown, and check out the Ava Lounge. This anti-sobriety sanctuary is named after one of my favorite actresses, Ava Gardner. What could the two possibly have in common? Beauty, grace, mystery, and sex-appeal, that’s what.

Ava Lounge At The Dream Hotel NYC Nazmiyal
Ava Lounge At The Dream Hotel NYC

The Ava Lounge screams swank with its 1950’s inspired theme boasting geometric sculptural pieces, mod-inspired furniture and decor, and beautiful wall treatments of pop art colors. This beautiful escape from the city below resembles an Andy Warhol psychedelic dream.

The view is gorgeous overlooking the Hudson and Times Square where you can point and laugh at the suckers weaving in and out of phalanxes of people. If you find yourself in the heart of New York City, be sure to check out the Ava Lounge, grab a groovilicious drink, and celebrate your week by doing the “monkey”. Cheers!

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