Artist, David Schorr, explores the ‘flying rugs’ of his childhood.

Flying rugs are a common childhood dream, look into the history of yours.

Throughout time children that have grown up with great Persian rugs have similar attachments to the rug. Imagination and history create this bond, eliciting happy memories and a nostalgia for the past. Most notably, the belief that their rugs are magical flying rugs, taking them on adventures past the living room.

Flying Rugs by David Schorr
Flying Rugs by David Schorr

At the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, a solo exhibition by David Schorr features drawings depicting flying rugs and childhood toys. See Schorr’s website for more drawings and paintings in his style. In his latest editions of work, Schorr reflects upon the days spent on his grandmother’s Persian Rugs. A sense of innocence upon history is a recurring theme in his work as he plays with the theme interlacing flying rugs and childhood toys.

Beautiful red antique Persian Kerman, with gold accents.
Antique Oversized Persian Kerman Carpet

The flying rugs by Schorr feature prominent red decor, with gold accents, reminiscent of ancient Persian Serapi Rugs. Ancient legends depicting flying carpets were usually set in the Middle East such as in the legendary tales One Thousand and One Nights. In the story, Prince Husain travels to India to buy a flying carpet, teleporting him to any place he sets his mind to.

From there, stories of flying rugs began showing up, much like Prince Husain’s Indian rug with historically traditional patterns. Read about the history of flying carpets.

Remarkable Antique Agra Indian Rug
Antique Agra Indian Oriental Rug.

Throughout time, flying carpets have made appearances in popular culture, so much so that when children play on rugs, their imagination takes them flying. Like any important art piece, antique carpets have that effect with years to decades of history, see the oldest rug in the world; their personality and imagination shines through from each person that’s owned it right back to the original weaver.

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