Antique French Aubusson Carpet

Featuring a Beautiful Antique French Aubusson Carpet

Antique French Aubusson Carpet – If you love luxury, then you will love this antique Aubusson rug. A favorite of famous French figures like Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte, these carpets are the epitome of good taste and grand design.

Note the warm rose colors and green accents, and the barely perceptible butterfly in the rug’s center, flanked by two mid-flight birds. For rugs that are known for their bold hues and intricate elegance, this Aubusson is remarkably subtle.

Antique French Aubusson Carpet by Nazmiyal
Antique French Aubusson Carpet

“This has a phenomenal border,” says Nazmiyal’s Omri Schwartz. “It would be perfect in the dining room.”

Like most antique rugs, Aubussons get their name from the place they were crafted. Their namesake town is located along the Creuse River in central France that dates back to Roman times. By the 14th century, however, the city had gained worldwide fame for their tapestries and carpets.

During the Renaissance floral designs and architectural patterns, Aubusson’s quickly gained a following among the aristocracy. Because they could be custom made to fill the large rooms of their palaces and chateaus, the rugs gave off an air of beauty, grace and elegance which was demanded by the ruling class at the time. A testament to their popularity, by 1786, the palace of Versailles boasted over 100 Aubusson rugs.

With a past so rich in royalty, it not surprising that these antique rugs maintain a timeless appeal. Their history is palpable in the sophistication and elegance they radiate, making them a perfect compliment to modern interior design.

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