Antique Carpets Reminiscient of Rococo Paintings

Antique Carpets reminiscent of Rococo Paintings

The following are three exquisite antique carpets from Nazmiyal’s collection inspired by three highlights from The Morgan Library’s latest exhibition of Rococo works, up through May 14th, 2017. The subtle pairings of palette and context bring together these three pairings harmoniously.

1. Oversized Antique French Savonnerie Rug, circa: 1900 & Francois Boucher’s Leda and the Swan, 1741.

Antique Carpets: Oversized Antique French Savonnerie Rug

François Boucher, Leda and the Swan

See how the shades of red in the painting match that of this French rug. Notice how the strong sunlight gives a similar golden tone to Leda and her companion as the golden detail of the carpet. The luscious splendor of these two creations are also similar in their floral detail.

2. Our Vintage French Art Deco Carpet, circa: 1920 & Francois Lemoyne’s The Farewell of Venus and Adonis, 1729.

Vintage Art Deco French Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

Art Deco meets Rococo beautifully in the color similarities of bold, rich blues, and warm tones found in both of these pieces.

3. Large Antique Sky Blue Persian Kerman Carpet, circa: 1900 & Noel-Nicolas Coypel’s The Judgement of Paris, 1728.

Antique Light Blue Persian Kerman Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

These two gorgeous works from two different countries come together through their soft blues that speak of a lullaby, and enchanting gold details that flow outward from the center of both the Antique Persian Kerman Carpet and Rococo painting.

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