Anne Hathaway’s New Look for Interview Magazine

Anne Hathaway Poses Interview Magazine

Anne Hathaway in Interview Magazine – We first saw Anne Hathaway as a frizzy-haired dweeb-ette as she came into her formative years gracing the silver screen starring opposite the legendary, Julie Andrews. My, my, my how time has flown for one, Miss Anne Hathaway.

It seems as though the days of Mia Thermopolis are long gone as Anne Hathaway is gearing up to don the one and only catsuit in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rise.

Anne Hathaway In Interview Magazine - Nazmiyal
Anne Hathaway In Interview Magazine

First of all, let me just say that Anne Hathaway is easily one of my all time favorite movie stars. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s see, she is extremely intelligent and has quite the range allowing her to tackle roles from Kym Buchman in the uber gritty drama, Rachel Getting Married, to the ethereal White Queen in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Not to mention, this thespian starred in my ultimate favorite movie across my ultimate favorite actress in The Devil Wears Prada. That’s all.

Anne Hathaway In The Princess Diaries - Nazmiyal
Anne Hathaway In The Princess Diaries

With 2012’s most anticipated film gaining some blockbuster buzz, Selena Kyle or Catwoman played by Hathaway is splashing all across page 6. Screen stills, paparazzi shots from the bushes, and teaser trailers are leaving us with an insatiable taste for more, more, more. Now, don’t get me wrong here because Michelle Pfeiffer was the best female villainess known to man.

I mean, hello, did we see the final scene of Batman Returns right before she tasers herself and Christopher Walken?! All that (Michelle Pfeiffer) aside, Hathaway has some serious shoes to fill. We’re talking Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Halle Berry… wait, what? Halle Berry didn’t deserve to wear the catsuit. She eats carbs! (The Devil Wears Prada quote. See how many you can spot in this post.)

Anne Hathaway In The Dark Knight Rises - Nazmiyal
Anne Hathaway In The Dark Knight Rises

With Hathaway donning her kitty ears and drinking milk out of a bowl, we’re glad that Miss Thang broke away from the mountain, left Genovia, and came back from Rio to be seducing us with her sultry sassitude on September’s Interview Magazine.

Can we say Vampire Vixen meets The Craft? Now, that would have been a sight to see! Anne Hathaway taking over Fairuza Balk’s role in The Craft! Well, for now we will just have to settle with Anne Hathaway sexily peering at us on September’s Interview Magazine.

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