Always Angelic: Pastel Rugs

Soft, subtle, and always angelic, Pastel Rugs are for Dreamers.

Pastels; not just for the nursery, baby. Designers are bringing back these whimsical colors in sweet and subtle ways to give a heavenly feeling to your living space. And what better way to employ this dreamy trend than with pastel rugs? Incorporate this Spring palette into interiors with a Scandinavian influence, or to add a retro feel. As for rugs, pastels can be found across the board, from vintage to antique rugs. Depending on your taste, you can find these colors in Turkish rugs, or through the magnificence of silk. Baby blue, light pink, and minty green are now the answer to a modern accent, often toned down with elements of black. So what do you say? Are you falling for the pastel come-back?

Pastel Rugs, Interior Design Trend

Always angelic and inspiring of dreams, explore eight pastel rugs from The Nazmiyal Collection to soften the room.

1. Vintage Moroccan Kilim (47212)

Pastel Rugs Vintage Moroccan Kilim, Nazmiyal Collection

2. Tree of Life Silk Persian Kashan Rug (48547)

Pastel Rugs: Tree of Life Persian Rug, Nazmiyal

3. Extra Large Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet (50118)

Pastel Rugs: Antique Persian Tabriz, Nazmiyal Collection

4. French Art Nouveau Leleu Rug (47075)

Pastel Rugs: French Art Nouveau Rug, Nazmiyal

5. Large Decorative Antique Turkish Oushak Rug (48473)

Pastel Rugs: Antique Turkish Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

6. Large Antique Turkish Oushak Rug (47427)

Pastel Rugs: Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

7. Vintage Marta Maas Fjetterstrom Swedish Tapestry (48439)

Pastel Rugs: Vintage Marta Maas Swedish Tapestry, Nazmiyal Collection

8. Vintage Swedish Runner Rug Signed BICE (47575)

Pastel Rugs: Vintage Swedish Runner Rug Signed BICE, Nazmiyal

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