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The Iconic Interior Decorator – Alexa Hampton

This week we will be talking about the great Alexa Hampton (daughter of Mark Hampton)!

Alexa Hampton Interior Design – As part of our upcoming iconic interior designer spotlight series, comes one of the most celebrated interior designers in the industry – the great Alexa Hampton! Alexa is the daughter of the late visionary and world renowned interior designer – Mark Hampton.

Alexa also happens to be one of Omri’s favorite people in the world of interior design!

The interior design firm of Mark Hampton, LLC. was founded back in 1976 and Alexa took over shortly after her father passed away. Alexa Hampton has become one of the most influential and recognizable names among the top high end interior designers in today’s design and interior field.

She is also the person who is at the helm of her father’s world renowned interior design firm of Mark Hampton LLC located in New York City, NYC.

Alexa Hampton
Alexa Hampton

Through her innovative interiors and designs, Hampton has garnered numerous coveted titles from Architectural Digest’s top 100 list and House Beautiful’s list of America’s 100 best designers for the past decade (if not longer). Alexa was also named one of eight female leaders in the design industry by Interior Magazine.

Her interior design work is described as classic, traditional, and eclectic. Her timeless designs are just that – timeless. A sign that her taste is as on the money today as it was 15 or 20 years ago.

Hampton Interior Design Nazmiyal Decorating Blog
Hampton Interior Design

Alexa Hampton herself as well as her interior designs are absolutely stunning. Known for her mixture of classic pieces and modern styling, Alexa’s interior designs have paved the way for her earning all the fame and recognition she has received.

Her eclectic approach brings historical elements, antiques and vintage decor into a world of high-class and high-end society. Her interiors show off clean lines, pops of color, and rare finds that make eccentric statements and blend in the most effortless way imaginable.

Below, we have included a few images from Alexa Hampton’s various breath-taking interior design projects:

Alexa Hampton Interiors
Alexa Hampton Interior Designs
Alexa Hampton Design
Hampton Interiors
Alexa Hampton Interiors
Mark Hampton Interiors

To Contact Alexa Hampton:
Mark Hampton LLC
654 Madison Ave
New York, NY – 10065

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