Winter Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas Fashion Faux Pas – With winter fashion being in full swing, we New Yorkers are subjected to freezing temps and bone-chilling pockets of wind, there comes a time where one draws the line with his or her styling choices. Yes, we need to bundle up to protect ourselves from acute frostbite, which means […]

Astor Suite at the Plaza Hotel

New York City’s Plaza Hotel Astor Suite One cannot deny that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world with its slew of shopping venues, feast of fancy restaurants, and luxurious high-rises. It goes without saying that the cost of living and rent tend to be fairly pricey. With today’s tumultuous market, […]

Robot Design “Flight Assembled Architecture”

Robot Design Robot Design – The modern art world continuously undergoes constant innovation in terms of design, mediums, and technological advances. In today’s time and society, it seems that technology is playing an important part in creating the future of art and design. Recently, artists are pairing up with techies to meld the worlds of art […]

Holiday Decor: Modern Fireplaces

Holiday Decor With the Christmas season in full swing, the time has come where one can’t walk down the streets of New York City without being fully accosted by the smell of pine needles from Christmas tree vendors on what seems to be every corner. The yuletide is here and holiday trimmings are in order. […]

Mens Winter Fashion Trends

Mens Winter Fashion Trends – Winter Tartan! Mens Winter Fashion Trends – With winter here as we brave the month of December, fashion trend alerts all ring for tartan plaid this season. Tartan plaid made a shocking comeback over the past two fall / winter seasons, but with 2012 coming into view, this winter season tartan […]