Beautiful Rustic Antique Tribal Caucasian Geometric Kazak Hallway Runner Rug 50048

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Size: 3 ft 5 in x 12 ft 3 in (1.04 m x 3.73 m)
Style: Kazak Rugs

Captivatingly Tribal And Beautifully Geometric Antique Rustic Caucasian Tribal Long and Narrow Kazak Hallway Runner Rug, Origin: The Caucasus, Woven Circa: 1900 – Before the 1880’s, the beautiful antique tribal area rugs of the people of the Caucasian Mountains were barely known to the outside world. They had been creating these beautiful Caucasian rugs for centuries as both utilitarian and decorative pieces. The Transcaucasian Railway opened up an entire new world, not just four the creators of the magnificent antique Caucasian Kazak rugs, but for a world that would soon fall in love with them. This gorgeous piece was created around the turn of the 20th century, and it has all of the charm that made these pieces so famous.

The more primitive tribal designs and basic geometric motifs throughout these antique rugs have special meaning to those who created them. These rugs tell the story of the people and have significant meaning for those who can understand them. The messages in these rustic area rugs often reflect the world around them and the tribal and cultural heritage of the people. This gives them a charm and a special place as an art form that goes beyond their visual beauty and softness underfoot.

This gorgeous antique Caucasian Kazak uses contrasting colors and a simple palette that consists of rustic red, varying shades of blue, more neutral tones and a creamy ivory white field background. With only a limited array of colors, the artist created visual contrast and a pattern that allows each element to stand out on its own and contribute to the whole. The weavers of these geometric rugs were often limited to local sheep and the plants that were available in the area, but that did not prevent them from creating some of the most beautiful area rugs in the world.

A thin border of orange and natural brown frames the rich cream background of this antique Kazak rug. A deceptively simple pattern comprised of neutrals, pale blue and bursts of deep cerulean introduces the horizontal symmetry that defines this sophisticated runner. Precisely rendered tribal motifs spread across the bold orange field in an exquisite geometrical display. The interplay of bright cream and deep rustic tones, accented by muted blue and green, creates a striking contrast. Intricate geometry, masterful symmetry, and bold color make this antique rug an adventurous artistic statement.

Today, antique Caucasian Kazak rugs are finding their way into home decorating styles that include Boho Chic, Eco-Chic, and tribal-inspired designs. Magnificent area rugs like this hallway runner rug could easily serve as an accent rug or to highlight a special piece in the room. If you are in the market for buying area rugs for your home, this tribal Kazak runner rug has a lot of personality, and it will allow you to create a design that reflects your unique tastes.

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