Beautiful Grudrun Sjoden Swedish Kilim 48605


Size: 2 ft 9 in x 6 ft 9 in (0.84 m x 2.06 m)

Vintage Swedish Kilim, Country Of Origin: Sweden, Circa date: Mid 20th Century – This vibrant work is a mid century modern Swedish kilim that resonates with unique beauty. Combining organic and abstract shapes with a vivacious color pallet, this vintage Scandinavian rug  is pleasantly eye-catching and whimsical. Viewers of this vintage rug are immediately treated to a pure, periwinkle background that complements brighter shades of canary, tangerine, and crimson. All of these colors in this Swedish kilim play well against a variety of beautiful light purplish mauve, delicate sages and crisp whites. Bold floral figures are framed by daring horizontal stripes. Long ferns and vines cradle the blossoms, gathering them for the viewer, as if to present them as a gift.

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