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Wool and Silk Rugs

A beautiful selection of of wool and silk woven rugs and carpets

Wool and Silk Rugs – Wool is an extremely durable fiber. This is one of the reasons it gets used so frequently in the area rug weaving industry. Since rugs get walked on, they need to be durable to withstand daily traffic and use. Wool is also naturally biodegradable and sustainable. No sheep are harmed during the cultivation of the wool for weaving wool rugs. The sheep get sheared in spring to rid them of an overly warm winter coat. Then it regrows in time to protect them again the following winter. You can think of it as getting a short summertime hair cut.

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Silk is another natural fiber. Although most people think silk (or silk rugs) as being more delicate, in it’s natural untreated form, Silk it actually just as durable (if not more so) as wool. So don’t let its reputation as a fragile fabric fool you. Silk is still a durable material and quite suitable for weaving rugs, especially upscale art pieces.

When wool and silk are combined to make a rug, the wool is usually used to make the base or background of the rug and the silk is used to create or highlight the design. Silk is naturally softer and shinier. Silk fibers also have a tremendous affinity for dye. It can also be spun much finer that wool, allowing for a much finer weave which (as in more knots per square inch or KPSI), in turn, can translate into much more detailed and refined patterns.

Wool and silk rugs provide tremendous warmth under foot while greatly enhancing the décor. Or you can hang them on the wall as an art carpets or tapestry rugs.

A wool plus silk rug typically have an add dimension of depth than a rug that is 100 percent wool. It is also usually more attention grabbing. This is due mostly to the fact that the silk highlights or patterns will pop against and stand out more prominently than the wool.

The combination of both silk with wool is very much a winning combination. silk and wool rugs retains much of the hard wearing functionality of just wool carpets while increasing the aesthetic appeal of the final area rug. Silk and wool rugs require no more rug maintenance or rug cleaning than carpets that are only made out of wool.

A wool and silk rug can easily be the foundation for the interior décor of a room. If you start with the Oriental rug and then choose furnishings and paint or wallpaper to suit the rug, you can achieve an enviable room!

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