Square Size Antique Turkeman Carpet Uzbekistan 47376

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| Size: 4 ft x 4 ft (1.22 m x 1.22 m)Print

Antique Square Size Turkeman Carpet, Country Of Origin: Uzbekistan, Circa Date: Early 20th century – This exciting and beautiful antique Turkeman carpet was woven in Uzbekistan. A truly impressive example, this fine Turkeman carpet from Uzbekistan boasts many of the qualities and characteristics of the style which antique collectors of Oriental rugs look for. In a square format measuring approximately four feet by four feet, this antique Turkeman carpet boasts many exciting design elements. Bounded vertically at bot the top- and bottom most portions of the piece by simple, unadorned swatches of material, the action of the carpet takes place within. Here, a complex border of white geometric figures separates an outer border of red from the rest of the field, which is also rendered in red. Within the field, a series of twenty-one individual octagonal figures is arranged on a three by seven grid. Each of these features detail elements rendered in red and white. A beautiful and unique example, this antique Turkeman carpet from Uzbekistan exemplifies the style.