Rare and Beautiful Antique Ukrainian Rugs

Ukrainian Rugs – The antique rugs from the Ukraine are related to the Savonnerie carpets of Western Europe from France and Spain, or Axminsters from England. They share in the same Rococco or Neo-classical tradition of design. Nevertheless, they have a strong local flavor derived from Ukrainian folk art tradition, which emerges in certain floral details and in the darker, richer coloration. In many ways they relate to other reflections of western European carpet design in the East like Bessarabian rugs or the Armenian Karabaghs with naturalistic floral patterns.

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During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, trends from France and Russia influenced cultural styles in the Ukraine, Moldova and Eastern European countries near the Carpathian Mountains. In provincial areas and cities, styles changed to favor the opulent look that was popular across Europe. While these Baroque carpets lost some of their formality, they gained subtle features and cultural charm. The artists who designed and wove these carpets contributed a rustic look to their palatial rugs. They maintained the formal flower-filled medallions, lush bouquets and traditional French composition while slightly altering the way these magnificent cabbage roses and colorful floral motifs were drawn. Like the neighboring carpets of Bessarabia and Romania, these elegant motifs take on an angular style and stronger variation in color. They also resemble the angular floral carpets created in the Northern Caucasus near the Russian border.

The style of these charming Ukrainian rugs is more accessible, humble and rustic than the traditional Baroque carpets from France. Regional weavers skillfully traded austere formality for rustic elegance. Carefully composed and elegantly drawn antique Ukrainian carpets have a certain authenticity and a grounded style that is elegant yet never seems prodigal. They easily elevate the style of any room without seeming ostentatious or overly bold. Due to their lush style, formal composition and soft colors, antique Ukrainian rugs have become go-to accessories for many of the top international designers.

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