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Tuduc Rugs

Beautiful Collection of antique Tuduc Rugs by Theodor Tuduc From Turkey

Antique Tuduc Rugs – Born in Transylvania, Theodor Tuduc (1888-1983) was a Romanian rug restorer and famous rug forger. He made high quality,exact reproductions of antique rugs and passed them off as authentic. His technical skills were so refined that many of his, now famous, Tuduc rugs, were acquired by prestigious museums. Some of Tuduc’s reproductions include Transylvanian, Lotto, Chintamani and Spanish armorial carpets.

Funnily enough, the Tuduc rugs were such great and artistic carpets that they have ironically become highly valuable by antique carpet collectors.

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View our current selection of antique Turkish Tuduc rugs below:

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