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Antique Turkish Sivas Rug 49429

$38,000.00 $22,000.00

Size: 12 ft 4 in x 19 ft 4 in (3.76 m x 5.89 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Sivas Rugs

Beautiful Antique Turkish Sivas Rug 49429, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Early 20th Century –  The antique Turkish rugs, from Sivas, are the most closely resemble the classical antique Oriental rugs and carpets of Persia. Often, these carpets will support elaborate and complex patterns that are reminiscent of the finest weaving traditions from Persia. This elegant Sivas is a pictorial rug in the classical tradition. It depicts a lush forest or wild garden of vines and cypress trees, replete with birds and arbors. The tonality is stunning, with its soft blues, taupe, mauve and ivory. A classic reciprocal arabesque border complements the field, its inner mauve section providing a framing contrast for ivory ground of the garden. A comely example of an important and widely admired antique Oriental rug, this decorative and quite soft antique Sivas carpet from early-twentieth century Turkey is a truly exciting and beautifully woven composition.

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