Ivory Antique Oushak Turkish Rug 49323

Size: 13 ft 7 in x 15 ft 3 in (4.14 m x 4.65 m)Print

Beautiful Ivory Antique Oushak Turkish Rug 49323, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa Date: 1900 РLike many of the most beautiful antique Turkish rugs, this breathtaking and decorative antique Turkish Oushak rug focuses on the background space in order to maximize the effects of the foreground elements. The border of the magnificent antique carpet itself is relatively wide and defined through the use of a vibrant color, and the presence of the lighter background allows the motifs at the front to stand out more. By establishing two primary colors, viewers are free to alternate between the two with relative ease, allowing the contrast between the forms to speak for itself, especially along the heart of the antique area rug, where the division between the negative and positive space is presented in the most powerful way.

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