Beautiful Collection of Antique Turkish Tribal Milas Rugs

Milas Rugs (also spelled Melas) – Turkish rugs produced in the district of Milas are unique in their style and composition. The area around Mugla Province was a holdout for Turkmen enclaves. These people followed a semi-nomadic lifestyle, used natural dye-stuffs and incorporated a stunning variety of angular botanical motifs and symbols into the carpets they wove. Antique Milas rugs feature a unique composition that includes broad, prominent borders that result in a comparatively narrow field. Multiple borders rendered in contrasting colors are often featured in these classical Turkish rugs. The color palette tends toward warm, earthy hues that are produced with vegetable dyes.

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Early Milas rugs created in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries featured an angular, geometric style that was full of ancient symbols and abstract botanical motifs. By the late 19th century, a second style evolved. This change was spurred largely by outside influences. Imperial powers in Hereke affected the Turkish style profoundly as did European demand for fine exports. Later baroque rugs incorporated curvilinear arabesques and delicate floral motifs that were more recognizable to the western eye. The colors also became more saturated and varied compared to the soft, warm hues featured in earlier Milas rugs. The classic antique Milas prayer rugs with their long, narrow fields and angular mirhabs are the most iconic Turkish carpets from the area. These formal carpets are traditional, rustic and beautifully styled. The classical Turkmen appearance of antique Milas rugs works equally well in contemporary and old-world interiors.

Antique Milas rugs from southwestern Turkey are exceedingly beautiful in the finesse of their weave and drawing, and in the subtlety of their coloration. Famed particularly for their classic red- ground prayer rugs with simple niches or mihrabs, Milas weavers also produced long rugs with geometric patterns. The Milas repertoire is mostly floral, although it is often so abstracted that this aspect is no longer immediately apparent. Read More about Milas and Karaova Turkish Village Rugs.

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