Antique Turkish Hereke Rug 45620

Size: 17 ft 2 in x 23 ft 9 in (5.23 m x 7.24 m)Print

This magnificent antique Turkish rug from the city of Hereke is a quintessential example of the so-called Emperor's Carpet type, which is revered for its majesty.

Hereke Rug, Turkey – This majestic antique Turkish Hereke rug is a total embodiment of imperial culture and elegance that is embraced from the northern latitudes of Europe to the exotic palaces of Mughal India. Filamentous vines scroll across the wine red field linking asymmetric cloudbands, lavish palmettes and fantastical beasts like the crouching panthers and savage lions shown attacking graceful herd animals in an animated struggle. Superb borders with grandiose palmettes and hyper-stylized calyces meander around the stately scene while including the same burgundy reds, steely grays and posh neutral tones. This quintessential Turkish hunting rug combines storytelling and tradition to create an everlasting work of art. The lavish guardbands have an equally patrician appearance with sophisticated vinescrolls and small-scale palmettes linked by interwoven calyces depicted in two distinct colorways inside and outside the borders.

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