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Ghiordes Rugs

Beautiful Antique Ghiordes Rugs from Turkey

Ghiordes Rugs (also spelled Giordes) – The famous rugs of Ghiordes captured the hearts of European collectors in the 1700’s. Early Ghiordes prayer rugs are among the most iconic of their type in Anatolia and the surrounding area. They traditionally feature angular prayer niches, highly decorative spandrels, architectural pillars and gorgeous monochromatic fields. These stunning rugs are typically made from the highest quality wool, which is placed over a hand-spun cotton foundation. This construction technique produces beautiful and extremely durable rugs.

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Despite the popularity of Ghiordes prayer rugs among collectors, they only account for one-third of the area’s total carpet production. Ghiordes’ close proximity to Oushak has led to some comparisons between the two region’s larger room-sized rugs. While Ghiordes prayer rugs may have put the city on the map, exquisite room-sized carpets have contributed to its enduring popularity. The grand room-sized carpets of Ghiordes include a marvelous variety of angular medallions, graceful curvilinear arabesques and repeating motifs. In general, antique Turkish carpets from the area tend to favor botanical motifs and florals rather than the angular symbols that are depicted in some Turkish rugs and dominate carpets from the Caucasus.

Strong colors, vibrant red backgrounds and soft pastels reminiscent of Oushak rugs are featured prominently in larger area rugs and Ghiordes’ highly prized room-sized carpets. The quality and beauty of these elegant Turkish rugs rivals those produced in Persia’s top weaving centers. Both the classic style and the rich colors of antique Ghiordes rugs have earned them a place in modern interiors and in the best collections.

Ghiordes rugs from Northwest Turkey have a long and distinguished history. These Turkish rugs are known especially for high quality prayer rugs of early date with exceptionally precise, fine drawing and delicate coloration. Later Ghiordes production focused as well on room-sized rugs. The latter antique rugs are closely related to Oushaks in design and coloration, although some retain the fine drawing and design of the early Ghiordes prayer rugs.

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