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Tree of life design rugs – While the meaning of The Tree of Life varies throughout different cultures and religions, its sacred properties are something we can all agree on. This iconically inspiring symbol has taken on many names throughout time, including ‘The Cosmic Tree’, ‘The Holy Tree’, and ‘The World Tree.’ And so, it is evident that its magical versatility is what makes it so powerful.

Even in the realm of psychology, it has spread its roots. Illustrating a wholesome and inspiring model for self-growth and enlightenment, it never stops growing, like the human heart.

Biologically speaking, it has been referred to as a model for the evolution of earth’s bio system, with all expansion of life rooting back to the same core source.

In the land of Yoga, it is one of their prominent spiritual symbols, rooting us to the ground while connecting us to the heavens. Keeping all forms of life in touch with mother earth and the universe at once.

In the realm of rugs, it has been depicted and celebrated infinity, especially through Antique Persian rugs. Within this category, this iconic and beautiful depiction has been achieved in various styles, such as Khorassan, Kerman, and Kashan carpets. This is due to Ancient Iranian culture’s Sacred World Tree which bears all seeds, also known as The Tree of Life! So without further ado, discover what it means to you by taking a look at how beautifully it has been depicted in our collection of Tree of Life Rugs.

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Showing all 14 results