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19 Century Wongdon Tibetan Runner Rug 49104

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 8 ft (0.81 m x 2.44 m)
Origin: Tibet Rugs

Beautiful¬†19 Century Wongdon Tibetan Runner Rug 49104, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Tibetan Rug, Circa Date: 19th Century – The strong use of color defines the landscape within the antique Tibetan rug, providing individuals with plenty of grounding points to focus on as they explore the rest of the antique rug’s patterns and forms. The relatively simple design brings kilim rugs to mind, though the presence of darker colors set against warmer and more vibrant tones establishes a much more defining degree of contrast that is meant to captivate the viewer’s attention. At the heart of the hallway runner rug, a repeated pattern dominates the lighter field in two columns cascading down. There is tremendous variation in the colors chosen, designed to generate clear points of interest throughout.

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