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Tibetan rugs – The country of Tibet is a fascinating and unique place in the world. It is a culture within a culture that has developed a very distinct identity over the centuries. Certainly owing in part to the ever-present and tremendous influence of the rest of China, the people of Tibet have created one of the most immediately recognizable cultural traditions in the world. Music, visual art, dance, and religious practices that are unique to Tibet all possess an underlying devotion to the Tibetan identity, a strong and proud identity. Tibetan rugs are no exception to this rule: indeed, Tibetan rugs are considered notable for their distinctive style and their strict adherence to local traditions.

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In Tibet, antique rugs have traditionally been made from Tibetan highland sheep wool, which is an abundant and important resource to the Tibetan people. It is also interesting to note that Tibetan rugs are generally woven with a different knotting method than those that are commonly utilized in other regions. Just as the local livestock provides Tibetans with the fibers that they need to weave superior rugs, so too does the natural environment of Tibet provide weavers with the raw materials necessary for dyeing.

Consisting of dyes found in the elevated plateau of Tibet, the colors most commonly found in Tibetan rugs are primarily blue, brown, grey, red and yellow. Motifs consist of geometric patterns and gau design, important cultural symbols for the people of Tibet. Of all the distinctive designs of Tibetan rugs, the most common design is the kanden, which measures 3×5 and is used for sleeping and sitting. Meditation rugs are a popular among Tibetan monks with individual small squares woven together, forming one rug.

The Robust Cultural Traditions of Tibetan Rugs

Situated along the edge of the rugged snow-topped Himalayas is one of the world’s most isolated and unique weaving cultures. Tibetan rugs are exceptional representations of an artistic culture that relies heavily on religious symbolism and local motifs influenced by Chinese designs.

The iconic tiger rugs of Tibet and the shaggy Wangden prayer mat are just two of Tibet’s outstanding contributions to the world of Oriental rugs. Here on the rooftop of the world, disenfranchised weavers developed a graceful, fluid style and a strong language of decorative symbols. Stylized dragons, fierce tigers and mythical snow lions are featured prominently alongside celestial clouds, lotus blossoms and Buddhist motifs. Tibetan rugs are prized for their high artistic value, extraordinary craftsmanship and stunning use of symbolic iconography.

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